Rebounding | The all over beauty work out that bans cellulite, tones muscles, and detoxifies.

At the start of the new year, I made the decision to buy a quality mini trampoline.  I heard a couple of celebrities who used theirs on a daily basis including former supermodel Linda Evangelista and actress Sanaa Lathan.  Then I went and did my research.  The more I learned of the benefits, the more I wanted one.

My aunt has a full size trampoline in her back yard, purchased for her now growing children who aren't as smitten with it as they used to be.  Whenever I paid her a visit, I'd always make it a point to play on it.  No crazy backflips or anything, I just enjoyed the feeling of weightlessness as I jumped up and down.  But when I heard that people were buying smaller versions of a trampoline for health benefits, I had to learn more.

The claims are that bouncing on a mini trampoline is one of the best workouts one can do.  Why, because the act of jumping up and down on the trampoline surface ignites & strengthens EVERY CELL in the body.  Rather than pushing against gravity, as with typical weight bearing exercise, you increase the weight of gravity on every cell and muscle in the body.  This comes from being weightless at the top of the bounce and experiencing G-force, when you land on the trampoline.  But unlike jumping up and down on a flat surface, the G-force pressure is not concentrated on the ankles and knees (as discovered in a NASA study).  With a trampoline, the weighted pressure is equally distributed in the ankles all the way to the forehead (meaning your facial muscles are also being exercised & toned).
Bellicon Mini Trampoline
Not only are you engaging in a resistance workout, you also stimulate your lymphatic system in a major way.  Unlike our circulatory system, which moves things along through the pumping action of our heart, the lymphatic system needs our help to eliminate toxins.  That's why we are encouraged to dry brush, drink a lot of water, and do lymphatic massage.  When or lymphatic system is sluggish we experience a buildup of toxins that would otherwise be eliminated.  Rebounding (jumping on a mini trampoline) is especially effective at jumpstarting the lymphatic system due to the up and down rhythmic jumping action that cause the lymph's system to open and close, increasing lymph flow.

Word on the street is that rebounding is exceptional for eliminating cellulite because of how well it stimulates the lymph.  They say that rebounding is pretty much a total body exercise that even has the ability to improve eye health.  How?  They claim the EVERY cell is stimulated via rebounding--even those in our eyes.  No other exercise claims to impact every area in the body like rebounding does.  Shoot, I'm hoping to positively impact my scalp muscles as well.  Which may not be too far fetched considering how NASA was able to measure activity in the forehead through rebounding.  I read on a men's hair regrowth forum to do scalp massages after rebounding since blood flow was already increased.  I may have to try that.

I made the purchase for so many reasons.  For one, they claim that jumping on this trampoline is a full body exercise.  They say that 10 minutes on the trampoline is like running for 30 minutes. This is perfect for when I don't have time to go to the gym.  So far I've tried it a couple of times and really noticed a sensation in the back of my thighs and in my glutes.  Hopefully, that's a sign that I'll have ultra smooth, firm thighs before summer hits.  Not only do I feel the burn, I also get a feeling of euphoria from jumping up and down so it doesn't feel like I'm working out.

I'll have to do an update post after 30 days but so far I'm loving my trampoline. Before making my purchase I researched different brands from some that cost under $50.00 to higher end brands.  I decided to invest in a quality rebounder because I didn't want to have to buy another one later down the road and I intended to use it daily.  I also learned that quality rebounders may help in preventing injury from repeated use.

Every time I get on that thing, I feel like a kid again. Plus, my entire body is being stimulated.  I've always wanted to get full body massages on a weekly basis to help stimulate my lymph and keep cellulite at bay. This may be the next best thing.


  1. The mental health benefits alone, are enough reason for me! Something about doing this that brings out the absolute CHILD in me! Practical too, I can watch my shows while I bounce.


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