Master the At Home Facial

Ever since the post of Sundy Carter's regimen for flawless skin, I decided to get serious about my at home facial routine.  The first step in the process to learning how to do a professional level facial at home was to reflect on all the spa experiences I've had in the past.  Once I had taken note, I then moved to some online research.

I checked out some of the offerings of various skin care spas to see what their process was.  In the end, I felt pretty comfortable putting together a DIY facial that not only cleansed/treated the skin but ultimately gave me that glow that can only be experienced through a professional session.
The first step of any facial always begins with a cleanse.  In my version, I pre-cleanse by giving myself a deep facial massage using carrier oil like jojoba or coconut.  This preps the skin by brining blood flow to the area. For me, an oil massage/cleanse helps loosen any blockage hiding beneath the surface of the skin.  I take my time with the massage because it's one of those features that are a part of any decent professional facial.    

Once the massage is complete, I cleanse the skin using a the Clarisonic Pro.  Next I move to steaming using my beloved Panasonic facial steamer.  I've had a bunch of facial steamers in my day.   Their steaming action was never enough for me.  Especially after experiencing more intense steamers at the spa.  After a few upgrades, I finally landed on the Panasonic.  This thing is pretty powerful.  The amount of steam it produces is unreal. Plus I love the fact that I don't have to stick my face in it which allows me to steam while I'm working on the computer, thumbing through a magazine, doing my nails, whatever.  The part where the steam comes out can be adjusted up or down so I point it directly to my face no matter how I'm positioned.
Glam Glow // fresh clay mask
Once the steam session is complete, I apply a clay mask to my damp skin while the pores are still open.  This allows for an even deeper purifying.  The clay mask bar from fresh is very convenient while not being too drying.  If my skin is acting up, I go for the heavy hitters.  If you still haven't experience GlamGlow masks, please treat yourself and see what all the fuss is about.

The last step is what's going to elevate this experience to a spa level facial.  It transforms your skin from nice looking to "glowing."  Without a high level exfoliation, your facial won't produce the results you want.  By now exfoliation should be part of your normal routine. But on facial day, you want to incorporate products that actually make a difference to your skin.  For me, this means applying a mandelic acid peel, a glycolic acid peel, or a fruit enzyme peel.  They eat away at the old layers that act as a barrier between you and the skin you've always wanted.  Acne scars fade and your skin takes on a reflective property, giving it the appearance of a healthy glow.
Riiviva Diamond Tip Microderm Abrasion // Mandelic Acid Serum //  Alpha Beta Peel 
If you need something a little more aggressive to deal with stubborn acne scarring, might I suggest you incorporate microdermabrassion into the facial.  The best tool for the job, in my opinion, is Riiviva which was designed to give the same level of intensity at home as a certified spa facial. If you'd like to check out a more cost effective alternative, there's the PMD which does a decent job.  I still recommend the Riiviva because the tip looks exactly professional quality. They even have tips designed to eliminate cellulite & stretch marks.

Even though the chemical peels works wonderfully, the additional benefit of using physical exfoliation (with suction) is the stimulation of additional collagen.  For this reason, I'm choosing to rotate between the chemical peels and the physical removal of dead skin.

I've given myself a facial using the steps above a couple of times. Each instance, my face looked pretty amazing.  I'm saving a ton of money in the long run by not having to drop over $100 each time I want to experience bright, healthy skin.  With all that said, I still did enjoy the hydra facial and I would like to invest in a few more sessions.  That is until someone develops an at home version of the process.

The only step I feel I need to improve is adding an addition step after exfoliation to infuse my skin with nutrients.  Since I've removed the dead layer of skin, adding a fancy serum or cream with skin nourishing properties would be icing on the cake.


  1. Hey! Love the post! If your in the market for a 'nourishing' serum then boy do i have a recommendation for you! try Benton's High Content Snail Bee High content Essence! Gurl i can not rave enough about this stuff! The Cream version is alo good i like to layer both! its so concentrated that the first ingredient is Snail slime with no water added! gurrllll i can not rave enough but check out this gurls review

  2. Just did this tonight, Clarisonic, steam, Glam Glow followed by a glycolic peel wipe that I forgot I even owned! Added moisturizer after and my skin feels so good! I felt a little eczema creeping up today so I'm hoping this will hold it off. Everything feels very moisturized, like it does when I leave the aesthetician's office. Must do this weekly!

  3. I'm mad at my skin because almost anything I do to it, besides oil cleansing it at night with a blend of castor and olive oils, finishing with a good moisturizer, causes my skin to react. I used to be able to experiment with my skin, but I get these itchy recurrent bumps, in the same spots!

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