Beyond Taking Action| The Amazing Power of Finishing what you Start

Happy Monday everyone!  Today we're here to discuss the topic of COMPLETION.  This is a continuation of last's week's motivation post so make sure you check out the previous lesson.

Completion is something I struggle with mightily which is why I need to write about it.  If you recall from our last conversation, in order to bring something into reality, you go through the various stages including Inception (via thought), Verbalization of our desires, then ACTION and finally COMPLETION.  Most others talk about taking action without realizing that Action is only part of it.  Without completion, your action may not necessarily produce the results you aim for.

Incompletion can take on many, many forms.  Let me point out a few for you.

+ Multitasking- Taking on a task, then jumping to another (and other) before completing the first task.

+ Messy Environment- Using every day items then not completing the task by putting the item away, cleaning up the area, etc.

+ Ideas, ideas, ideas- Coming up with lots of amazing ideas and failing to take any significant action of them.

+ Abandoned Projects-  Starting a bunch of exciting endeavors without finishing.

+ Broken Promises- Saying you're going to do something for yourself and others but not following through.

+ Goals Unmet- Working hard on your goals, making progress, giving up just before reaching the goals.

+ Things unsaid- Putting off important conversations that need to take place.

+Allowance - Repeatedly giving yourself the permission to not finish what you started.

These are just some examples.  I'm sure you see one or more listed that you can relate to.  The consequences of leaving things incomplete is severe.  There's a quote that speaks perfectly to this
topic of completion:
When we leave something as incomplete, we try to fool ourselves into believing that, by ignoring it, that it'll somehow disappear.  On the contrary, the EXACT opposite occurs.  Leaving things/conversation/actions incomplete provides the environment for it to become worse.  I've experienced it myself and I've seen it happen to others.  A few extra pounds left unattended can transform for 50 lbs before you know it.  Not putting things away, day after day, leads to a cluttered house that overwhelms you.  Not telling someone how you feel about what happened causes you to harbor dangerous feelings for years.  Not taking consistent action toward completion of your goals + dreams leads to lifelong regret.

So what's a person a to do?

Great question!  My recommendation is that you take a moment to reflect on everything that is incomplete in your life that has been weighing on you.  You know exactly what that is.  Revive those open items and put them on your completion list and get to work.  I promise you that when you start the work of completion, you will find yourself with a newfound sense of energy and purpose.  Weight will lift from your shoulder. Sleep will be easier, life will taste sweeter.

Become the type of person that follows through until something is complete. Work on one task at a time, push until you reach your goal. And, when you fail to reach completion, go back and tie up the loose ends.  Some of us feel that if we didn't reach a goal, we should give up and never look back.  Sometimes that's appropriate but you first have to determine if you gave up after giving it all you had or if you'd given up for less nobler reasons.  If it's the latter, I invite you to challenge yourself to reignite one of those goals and completing it.  If you leave something incomplete, don't think that it simply disappears. It's like if you're on the highway and your car breaks down. Sure, you may call someone and get a ride home, but the truth is, your car is still sitting on the highway.  You still need to go back and get it.   Same goes for your goals, just because you abandoned it, doesn't mean you can't go back, fix it, and drive it to your destination.

The more you practice "completion" in your every day life, the more you master it.  When you master it (my dear friend), you become the type of person who can create at astonishing levels.  It becomes like second nature.

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  1. This was right on time. If there's one thing I've mastered it would be that I am the queen of walking away from a project right before the finish line. I'm really feeling the urgency of needing to change this behavior, it's not the legacy I would want to leave behind for my daughters.


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