In the gym bag.

Faux Leather Drawstring Backpack
Once upon a time, I kept a bag in the back of my car.  The contents of the bag included a set of exercise clothes, lotion, a head wrap and a few other random items.  Not much thought was put into putting the items together but, just having the bag in trunk of my car kept me on consistent with my workouts. 

That bag meant that I was workout ready at anytime of day.  It didn't matter if it was after work or before, I could easily drive to the gym, get in a good workout, and leave.  It was as simple as that.  That was the time of my life when I was at my fittest.  That bag made it so easy for me to truly live a healthy lifestyle.  

Somehow, between all of my traveling and other life events, I completely forgot about the workout bag which was now buried under a myriad of other items hiding deep in my trunk.  I recently reunited with my old gym bag, looked at it, and immediately decided that it needed an upgrade.  Within days I stumbled upon a vegan leather version of the original while at Forever 21.  This one was much better because it included a large zipper compartment on the outside and a couple zippered pockets inside.
Then I asked myself, "what would I include in this new, upgraded version of this bag?"  Some of the essentials included these lovely little Dove Everyday Body Mists.  Perfect for freshening up after a workout.  
Also in my bag is a travel size bottle of Aveda's Botenical Kinetics Exfoliant.  Not only is the scent intoxicating, this toner does a pretty decent job of removing dirt and oil from the surface of the skin.  Great for a quick purifying-pre workout.  And of course, I'll keep a travel size bottle of Gleau and Aveda Damage Remedy to rehydrate my hair after a relaxing session in the sauna.
For the days when I stop into the gym after work, I'll have make up wipes in hand in the even that I have to remove any excess makeup.  I'm almost never without a bottle of water in hand.  This 11 oz water bottle pretty much fits in any purse/bag.  I'll keep one in my gym bag at all times.
Voss Plastic Water Bottle // Tom's All Natural Deodorant // Neutrogena Makeup Wipes
A gym bag would not be complete without a carryon size of coconut oil.  As you know, coconut oil serves every purpose known to man so it's absolutely essential to keep Capriclear on hand at all times.
Capriclear Coconut Oil
The last couple of things I'll include is the original Clarisonic facial brush which doesn't get as much use ever since the Clarisonic Pro came to town.  Add a set of workout clothes and a headscarf and I'm good to go.  Nothing like being gym ready at all times to keep you on track and consistent with working out.

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  1. I just started Zumba classes and have been carrying around this not so cute gym bag but love the idea of the bag you shared!

    Thanks for sharing!!


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