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Cowashers rejoice!  I come to you today with another option to add to your frequent washing routine.  By now, we should all know pretty familiar with the now infamous Kanechom line.  I adore this brand for so many reasons.

|First, there is ample product (35 oz) for those of us who are heavy handed or who co-wash/deep condition regularly.
| Secondly, you can't beat the price for the quality and the amount of product you get.
|Third, these conditioners are really good.  Hydrating enough to co-wash with yet effective enough to use for deep conditioning. Especially if you combine with healthy hair boosters like Pure Protein. | | | |Fourth, they make so many varies. You're certain to find one to meet your needs.
I thought I had all my bases covered when I splurged on over five different versions of the Kanechom conditioners.  Little did I know that there was one more that I needed in my life.  A random visit to my local Brazilian supermarket led to a chance encounter with Kanechom's Avocado conditioner.  Totally ignoring the fact that I had no intentions of picking up any Kanechom products when I first walked in the door, I was immediately drawn to this green container which I immediately grabbed  and headed straight to the cashier.
Light, creamy texture with a fresh floral scent.
Seriously, I didn't need any more conditioner but I had a hunch that this product would not disappoint.  And boy was I right.  In my humble opinion, this rivals Kanechom's Shea Butter conditioner as the most hydrating.  I've reached for it the past couple of wash days and I am love.  I'd like to bring co-washes back into my regimen and this is just perfect.  Eventually, my goal is to finish off all my Kanechom conditioners and reduce my stash to just one or two of my favorites.  Rest assured, this will definitely be one of them.
If any of your a looking to snatch this up on Amazon, please note that the packaging is slightly different.  I think it has to do with the fact that the Brazilian supermarket may source it directly from Brazil.  Other than that, I think the actual product is the same.  So if you are on the lookout for highly moisturizing conditioner that won't break the bank.  Give Kanechom Avocado a shot.

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  1. Looks very nice, reminds me of another brand's mask that I love. I might have to give this brand a try this year!


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