Why painting your nails could actually change your life.

I'm here to give you simple, seemingly insignificant tip that could possibly alter the course of your life.  Perhaps, I'm being a little melodramatic but, please, don't let my zealous nature detract you from the message at hand.

If you're one of those people who never pays much attention to your nails or you're ok walking around with chipped nail polish, you are doing yourself a huge disservice.
Think about, which part of your body do you see the most throughout the day--your hands.  We don't get to see our faces unless we're looking into a mirror but our hands are ALWAYS in front of us.  If you allow your hands to fall victim to neglect,  you are sending a strong, subconsious message (every time you look at them) that you don't take care of yourself.

Even when you're rocking an amazing outfit, if your hands are neglected, that's the first thing others will notice.  On the flip side, if you dress down in jeans and a tee, but your nails are on point, you feel put together regardless of what you're wearing.  I took a little time, one day, to observe women seemed put together.  One thing they all had in common--their nails were done.  This doesn't mean that you have to go to the salon and have them professionally done (although I wouldn't stop you if you did).  But if you set aside 10-15 minutes to keep them filed, painted and neat, you could make a huge difference in the outcome of your day.

Every time you caught a glimpse of your gorgeous hands while driving, typing on a key board or even while you glance at your cell phone, you'll feel a glimmer of accomplishment for taking that small act of self love.  Also notice how your hand movements change when your nails are on fleek are perfected.  The newfound confidence is undeniable.

Don't believe me? Just give a shot and see what happens.  It's just a small gesture but if you want to conquer something big, like looking your best everyday, you've got to be faithful in the small things.  Oh, and while you're at it, make sure you add a few gorgeous, delicate accessories to polish off the look.


  1. The title had me like....huh?! The post makes a lot of sense and I need a fill now lol! Great read!


  2. You're right, there's a sense of extra confidence that I feel when my nails look good. I've noticed how my hand movements seem much different :-). Great post!!!

  3. Interesting post. I recently noticed the same thing recently. But for those who don't like polish, etc. buffing the nails is a good alternative. That way the nails are neat, clean and obviously cared for. I love polish but sometimes I don't take the time to care for the nails as I should. This post is another point in your "looking your best" theme!

  4. What a coincidence. I had an epiphany about my nails today and I quickly clicked on this post when I saw the title. I just got my first nail polish done after a very long time. Thanks for this post!!

  5. Very timely! I was looking at my unpolished nails today thinking they look a hot mess! I will do something about that pronto.

  6. Thank You for this post now I am figuring out why I was so happy when i was bothering with my nails...

    back on it!

  7. I agree with Denise's recommendation of clean, buffed nails. For those of us in the medical industry, painted nails are a luxury, a manicure lasts one day with the constant hand scrubbing! If they are clean, buffed, and the hands are well-moisturized then I totally feel like I'm winning!

  8. So true. Nadege, sometimes I think we are long lost cousins! You post so many topics I thought no one else would think besides me.

    Before I had my daughter, I had a weekly routine where every Sunday u did my nails. My boyfriend would even ask "what color are they today?.

    Well I fell off...and it wasn't until I stopped that I noticed how having unkempt nails HAS had a subconscious effect on me; no matter how nicely I'm dressed, makeup done, smellin amazing, etc.....I still feel this niggling that something just ain't right....and it's because my nails aren't on point like they used to be! And you're right, even my mannerisms and gestures, the way I pick up things - are different, more feminine and dainty, when my nails are pristine.

    Matter fact, even though I wash my hands often....they feel "dirty" to me when they are looking rough.

    I was just thinking about this the other day. Thanks so much sis, for giving me that last bit of confirmation! This year I have already committed to looking my best at all times!

    My Sunday routine used to consist of

    - Polish removal/trim/file and shape

    - Soak

    - Hand exfoliation (Mary Kay Satin hands was great)

    - Moisturize Deeply (if I had time, I would put Vaseline on my hands and wear rubber gloves for an hour or so while I watch tv)

    - Protein treatment (Nadege, I have one word - NAILTIQUES!!! Formula 2....check it out. Miracle worker for strong beautiful nails and IT WORKS)!!)

    - Color

    - Top Shine Coat

  9. *Pulls out note pad, writes down Nailtiques, and underlines it.*

    Thanks everyone for the all comments.

  10. Nadege - Nailtiques is to nails, what Aphogee 2-Step is to hair!

    I seem to be "protein-deficient", as in I naturally have soft and weak nails and hair...I pretty much live on protein treatments...before Nailtiques my nails wouldnt grow past a certain point, and they would be soft and peel, and when wet they were almost transparent...with Nailtiques, I actually end up having to CUT my nails, because they get so strong they dont break, and then they get too long! :)

  11. Thanks for the post. Great pics as well as a great message! I'e been thinking about my nails lately too... How I don't take care of them anymore and they look awful and just do whatever they want to lol. Just bought a nice new nail polish yesterday. Goal... try it out this coming week :-)

  12. Yessss! I currently rock a gel overlay on my natural nails and I don't feel right if they don't look right lol. There's nothing like a fresh, pretty manicure! I swear it changes everything lol

    Follow me to Fancieland!

  13. Seconding the nailtiques comment! It has transformed my nails - seriously.
    Love your blog ;-)

  14. i always feel so much better after i give myself a new mani. i co-sign this post completely!


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