Fit Friday // How Living a Healthy Lifestyle can improve your financial abundance.

Happy Friday Lovelies.  Today I'm here to bring you an important message about how your fitness levels might impact your financial abundance.  I'm sure that a few of you have written down goals for yourself to work out regularly and possibly other goals around improving your financial situation.  Well I'm here to tell you that those goals are more closely related than you think.

Say with me here, I'll all make sense in the end.

Let's talk about the habits you develop, as someone who works out regularly, that also propels your financial situation forward.

The single most important habit one needs to have to live a healthy lifestyle is discipline.  Day after day, your mind tells you to get active and, at the same time, it's telling you that you're too busy, tired, lazy to work out.  In the end, you have to muster up  the discipline to move ahead despite the myriad of valid reasons not to.

The same level of discipline will be required for your financial progress.  Your mind will influence you to make decisions regarding your money that aren't aligned with your new goals.  Without having developed the habit of discipline, you'll quickly succumb to the challenge. Someone who works  regularly out develops the habit of saying no.  At first you develop the power to say no to high calorie snacks, then you find yourself saying no to excess spending and other old habits that don't fit it with your new view of yourself.  By the way, when you are saying no to unhealthy eating, what you are actually doing is saying "yes" to a fitter body.  Same with prudent spending, you are saying "yes" to what you truly want to experience in life.

So you want to start a business or figure out a way to make additional income this year.  You'll need the energy to do it.  Why? Because working on a side income is essentially the same as having two jobs.  If you already have two jobs, get ready to juggle a third.  But if you're tired when you come home from your first job and just want to mindlessly surf the net, there's no way you are going to launch something off the ground.  It's difficult for someone to work out regularly and harbor the habit of procrastination.  Just the simple act of working out  requires you to push yourself outside of your comfort zone.  Imagine if you operate like this on a daily basis. There's no doubt that this would positively impact your financial life.

When you work out regularly, experience the transformation of your body.  Not only do you experience transformation, you realize that YOU WERE THE CAUSE OF IT.  That's when it hits you that you can also CAUSE other things to happen in your life, like all of your financial goals. And let's not forget how good you feel about yourself, as your fitness levels increase.  Feeling good is a critical component in the Law of Attraction formula.  You feel good, you attract more of the things that make you feel good.  Pretty much nothing tops being physically fit as something that makes you feel extremely good about your self. Leverage that feeling to bring about more into your life.

Back when I worked in an office, I'd try to fit my workouts early morning before work.  Let me tell you that when I got to work, the feeling of accomplishment carried with me.  I sat down and got right to work.  No wasting time, no ramping up.  Productivity went way up.  Call me crazy, but I liked the feeling of having sore muscles as I sat in my office chair.  It made me feel alive.  I moved faster throughout the office. Everything just flowed.  And perhaps it had something to do with the rapid promotions and subsequent salary increases I've enjoyed throughout my career.  If you study the habits of successful, wealthy people, many of them incorporate daily exercise as a part of their success rituals.  Don't take my word for it. Check out this article discussing a study that alleges a higher income for those who work out on a regular basis.

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  1. To stay active, you've got to live an active, healthy lifestyle. Rather than sapping your strength, regular exercise, powered by a good diet


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