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 I loved these Aldo Harrup heels so dearly that I had to take advantage of the sale and purchase in the lighter color.  They're like this perfect shade of soft grey that kinda reminds me of freshly laid concrete.  These heels enough to go well neutrals and may even pass of as white when styled correctly.  I've always wanted a white pair of shoes but sometimes white shoes are too white, if you know what I mean.   And after wearing my black pair comfortably all day, I knew I had to invest in a second pair.
 On my wish list was a quality black cross body as an everyday bag.  I stumbled on this beauty at a boutique and fell in love with the monochromatic look. The gunmetal hardware and the rugged finish is reminiscent of my Balenciaga City Bag and, when the sales lady demonstrated how this Botkier bag can also double as a clutch by simply removing the long strap, I was sold.  After arriving home, I freed the strap and hooked it on to the Balenciaga.  In an instant, the Balenciaga transformed to a cross body.  I was elated. For a while, I'd silently repeat to myself how much I wish the City Bag was a cross body. Now I finally have my wish.
Newly added to my collections of brown nude lip liners is Covergirl's Sublime lip perfection pencil.  Not only do I adore the color, but the soft, non-drying texture is perfect for lining the entire lip.  Really love this lip pencil.
A few posts back, I mentioned a moto jacket as one of my craves.  I'm happy to report that I stumbled on a perfect fit from cute online shop called the Lookbook Store.   The price was right so I took a chance.  Turns out the quality was great and the jacket fit like a glove so I'm happy.

My goal is to invest in accessories and statement pieces. I intend to keep my clothing choices pretty basic and style them in different ways with unique jewelry, interesting bags, the right pair of shoes. That way I can keep my closet small and my wardrobe simple.


  1. I love those shoes!!! Am torn because I really don't like shoes that exposes my heels but am sooooo tempted to give these a shot because i have nothing like that color in my closet .
    I ran to target to pick up that covergirl lip liner yesterday after reading your post. I.LOVE.IT.

  2. Nadedge How is the fit of the Harrup shoes? Are they true to size?

  3. Hi Sammy,
    To me they run a half size small. Try a half size bigger than you normally get. They're very comfy though.

  4. Nadedge, what color number is the lip pencil. Thanks.

  5. Hi Bhiya,
    The number is 200 Sublime. Get it! It's absolutely perfect.

    p.s I don't think it sharpens like normal pencils, it requires a special sharpener.

  6. Those shoes and leather jacket are too cute! I totally need that lip liner too lol

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