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I've received emails from a few readers inquiring about a (somewhat)new product on the market by the name Olaplex. What's amazing about this product is that it's a one ingredient formula that works to reconnect the hair's disulfide bonds.  That's right, it works on the structure of the hair, basically repairing damage, bringing it to a healthy state once again.  
Apparently, the Olaplex protects the hair during/after chemical processes, preventing the damage one would normally experience when the bonds are broken.  The result?  Hair feels, smooth, silky and is pretty much free of damage + breakage.   Olaplex is a professional product gaining it's popularity in salons.  Blondes everywhere are raving about how silky and perfect their hair looks and feels thanks for Olaplex.

As you know, bleaching the hair and relaxing produces similar results (with regards to dryness, breakage, split ends) so Olaplex is very promising for those of us who want to mitigate the damage from chemical treatments.  The good news is that Olaplex can also be used post relaxer or as a stand alone treatment to address damaged hair.

The entire system consists of three steps.  Bottle No. 1 is the Bond Multiplier, which is typically mixed in the chemical product to lighten hair.  In the back of my mind, I'm wondering if the bond multiplier can be mixed in with a chemical relaxer.  Curiosity got the best of me so I did a little more digging and found this conversation on their Facebook page.

  • Anita Johnson How do you use it with relaxer, lightener and color combinations? Yes I push the envelope 
    • Olaplex Ok if you are one to push the envelope then do it carefully and wisely. We love the envelope pushed but experiment first and know the product Olaplex well. You can mix 15% bond multiplier with 85% water in applicator bottle. After you neutralize rents and saturate hair with Olaplex mixture leave on 7.5 minutes if you have the time saturate hair again and will leave on another 7.5 minutes. Rinse, shampoo, condition you do not need to wait the 48 hours before you shampoo.

Interestingly enough, when I contacted Olaplex directly to inquire as to whether I can include the bond multiplier into my relaxer, the response I received was to try it out and let them know my experience.  (I just might take them up on that challenge).

  Bottle No. 2 is the Bond Perfector which is applied post treatment.  According to their website, as a stand alone treatment, you'd use Bottle No. 1 (Bond Multiplier), then add a generous amount of Bottle #2, leave in for 10 minutes (or more), then rinse, shampoo, condition.

The good folks at Olaplex also have Bottle No 3. (Hair Perfector) which helps maintain health of the hair post treatment.  Since our hair's bonds are constantly being compromised due to manipulation, heat styling, etc, this product helps to "maintain the strength, structure, integrity and softness of the hair until the next service at the salon."

It took me a while to get hip to this amazing product but I'm not putting it off any longer.  After doing a little searching, I was able to locate Olaplex for sale on Ebay.  I picked up a package containing all three treatments which I should be receiving within the next week or so.  Review coming soon.


  1. The stylists at the salon I work in have been using olaplex for several months on color services and they love it. I don't believe anyone has used it during a relaxer but it does sound like it could work. I'm excited to see your results and pass them to the ladies I work with.

  2. yassss! i was so happy to see this article up! and i am so happy you have been able to find it on ebay! i gotta save up, but i will be buying this before my next relaxer in march <333333 yayyy i am so happy! *dances everywhere* i was bummed for a bit because the site was only selling to professionals, so thankful for this article!

  3. This looks very interesting. Looking forward to your review!

  4. I can't wait for your review. My Stylist has ordered it also. YIPPIE!!

  5. I'm really excited for this review!! Can we expect it soon?

  6. Don't do it!, I've been blonde Gordon over 20 years. Olaplex turned my hair brassy orange and greasy. The worst hair experience!

  7. I'm very curious about your results! did you add it to the actual relaxer or did you do the after treatment they mentioned?


  8. Sounds interesting! what exactly is it? A protein? A ceramide? A fiber filler?

  9. Ms. Lady, this post was done in January, but I can't find your follow-up post. Did you try it? Did it make a difference at all?

    Maybe since you hadn't tried it yet, you should have said *OLAPLEX CLAIMS* The result is hair tat feels, smooth, silky and is pretty much free of damage + breakage.

    You can find other links where Olaplex talks about using their product with relaxers. The recommend using it as a rinse post-relaxer. On this page: http://www.olaplex.com/pages/faq-public, they say:



    Rinse the neutralizer or neutralizing shampoo from the hair
    Blot dry hair.


    Mix ½oz (15ml) of No.1 Bond Multiplier with 3oz (90ml) of water in applicator bottle.
    Saturate hair and leave on for 7.5 minutes.
    Rinse, shampoo, and condition.

    But I saw a stylist on twitter/facebook say that she used it IN the relaxer with better results than when she used it after.

  10. Hi Anon,
    I actually didn't add to my relaxer for fear that the results wouldn't be as expected. I used it post relaxer instead and everything turned out fine. Next touch up, I'll take the plunge and add a little bit to the relaxer itself.

  11. So, Nadege, did using it make a difference to the results of your relaxer and the strength of your hair? Or can't you tell yet?

  12. I really do think Olaplex makes a difference in my hair. But one thing to remember is that it's not a protein so I still use Pure Protein from time to time.
    Here's a link to my full review: http://relaxedhairhealth.blogspot.com/2015/03/review-olaplex-hair-strengthening-system.html

    1. Hello Nadege L , could you tell me exactly how you Olaplex during your relaxer? I'm not on this blog , if you could email me at [email protected] Thank you!

  13. What you buy on ebay may not be the same olaplex. As is olaplex is made to be sold to and use by professional LICENSED hair dressers!!!

  14. I have used it and lovevit!

  15. Remember any thing you buy on eBay it's not necessary the real thing so be carefull,this product is intended to use by professionals and only licensed cosmetologist's keep in mind this,now the process is so, you may use it in your relaxer following the instructions for relaxer application that comes in the box, be very careful in using it guessing the amount by eyesight, use a measure cup to be precise and also depends on the amount of Oz in the relaxer to mix it, also it will make the relaxer strength a little weak but not much it should take OK only if you use the amount suggested if you use too much it will dilute the relaxer strength by a level

  16. Hello

    Help! Help! When is it safe to pull relaxer thru on already relaxed hair? I go at least 2 months without relaxer. My hair is not feeling right. And just got relaxer Dec 5 and have wavy roots in crown of my head???? Please tell me what to do. Stylist never clip ends or give me conditioning treatments! Should I tell him or just stop going to him. Help! Help! Please. Feel like crying!!!

  17. Hi Anon,
    I wouldn't recommend reprocessing relaxed hair that doesn't receive regular conditioning treatments. That's a recipe for damage. If you could wear a protective style and wait another month or two then touch up again, that would be a better option. Also, you should find a stylist that will deep condition and provide strengthening treatments (if needed). Maybe visit some other stylists and find one that really cares about your hair.

  18. I received my first relaxer in 25 year. Within 3 weeks my beauiful long hair was falling out. My beautician knew nothnting about olaplex. Huh! I went to another salon for this treatment for 3 months and it literally saved my hair! Now back to healthy, Shiney and much new growth. I'm getting my first touch up relaxer today. All should go well.

  19. I had the brazillion blow out for a couple years and now havent had a treatment about two half years the protien has now completely grown out of my hair and i can really tell. Can the olaplex give me the protection and look without a perm or relaxer?


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