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The topknot is probably one of the few hairstyles that flatters pretty much everyone. That's a good thing but, on the flip side, you may be walking around looking like everyone else.   I received a bit of inspiration after looking around one day and noticing that five other people were rocking the same plain topknot that I was.  That's when I decided to find ways to make this simple look just a bit more interesting.
Some of my best top knots were the outcome of incorporating texture. Sometimes I restyle an old braid out. Other times I've created a curly look using flexirods, etc, for the purpose of crafting a curly topknot.  This gives the look a little more volume and allows me to style my hair in stylish topknot long into my stretch.  Peep the cute jewelry she added.  I've looked every where for how I can locate one of these little chains with no luck so far.  May have to figure out a DIY version.  
You can never go wrong with bangs.  They frame the face perfectly and, can totally transform your face depending on the length you choose.  Back in my younger days, I loved rocking a bang with my ponytail which is why I'm so intrigued by this look.  It almost makes me want to reach for my scissors. 
Who says the topknot has to be perfectly structured?  I adore this slightly messy look. This is perfect for a day of running errands or looking cute while lounging around.     
Seriously, I can't tell you how happy I am about the 50/50 top knot.  Back in the day, I loved to sport a half up do.  The trend seems to be back and I am here for it.  Will probably do a curly/wavy version of this look over the weekend.


  1. Great post. In the second bang photo it almost looked for a sec like her bang actually came from her ponytail/bun. I wouldn't mind trying that to keep from trimming my hair. These are all such cute styles.

    Andrea @

  2. Yup yup, I too am a huge fan of Top Knots, and my absolute favourite ones are the slightly loose or "messy-but-not" ones and ones with a bit of texture after a braid out!

  3. I'm always in a top knot so this is greatly appreciated lol. I like doing twist/Bantu knot outs to add a little curl and texture but I've been considering trying the half up half down style. It's a huge trend here that I didn't like at first but it's growing on me lol

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