The Healthy Scalp Essentials Kit

Healthy Hair
When my scalp behaves, I seem to neglect it.  Ever since I began the micro trimming project, all of my attention has be focused mainly on creating healthy ends.  But I want to change all of that.  Since my scalp is doing fine, I want to care for it even more to make it as healthy as possible.

So I'm going back to my roots (pun intended).  Looking back to when my scalp was at its worse, I think back to the actions I took to stop shedding, flaking, dryness.  Instead of waiting until things fall apart again, I'm brining some of my best strategies into my current regimen to see I can transform my "normal" scalp into the healthiest version of my scalp possible.

The Applicator Bottle - A must on wash day.  This inexpensive bottle has the ability to provide direct access to the scalp.  Perfect for when I want to tone my scalp with Coconut or Apple Cider Vinegar which is a much healthier option of scalp cleansing then using shampoos that over strip.

Essential Oils- I was completely inspired with June Ambrose shared that she enjoys a stimulating essential oil massage before her wash.  I love treating my scalp to a eucalyptus oil massage but sometimes the scent is a bit overwhelming.  That's why I love the idea of applying before the wash allowing the oils to work their magic, then rinsing.  If you recall, eucalyptus oil can actually help increase the ceramide content of our new growth.  Plus I absolutely love how it stimulates that scalp, driving healthy blood flow to the area.  My greatest scalp concern, at the moment, is proper exfoliation and removal of dead skin.  Although I'm not certain about this, I do believe that vinegars and essential oils can help address that concern.

Normally, I spray essential oil (EO) directly to my scalp but I also like the option of mixing it with oil and applying via a dropper.  This way the EO is diluted making easier on the scalp and diminishing the scent.  This way you can apply the essential oil/plant oil blend more frequently than just on wash days.

Mister- The newest member of my healthy scalp team is my little aluminum mister.  After finding myself repeatedly using my Evian Facial Spray on my scalp, I figured I had to get a bottle just for that purpose.  But with the refillable mister, I had the freedom to incorporate other ingredients such as MSM which has wonderful, healthy hair properties.  Next, I may include a few drops of Coconut Vinegar to drop the pH.  I'd also like to experiment with adding a little pink salt to see that works out.  Stay tuned.

Scalp Massager- Then, of course, there's my wonderful little scalp massagers.  I've loved these things for years.  Simple to use and highly targeted.  Perfect for providing a much needed massage after a long week of travel.  I've since tried various other scalp massagers but I keep going back to these because of ease of use.

Last but certainly not least, a healthy scalp needs to be adequately hydrated in order to be healthy.  When I was diligent in drinking almost a gallon of water a day, my scalp was at it's happiest.  Without adequate hydration, we fall into the cycle of reacting to scalp concerns rather than being proactive.  If my scalp is well hydrated all the other strategies I employ as part of my scalp essentials kit will only further promote my end goal of having the healthiest hair possible.


  1. I love using essential oils on my scalp too. Right now i'm using a Rosemary/Peppermint with coconut oil blend. My scalp is dry and I live in a dry climate so this helps my scalp a lot. I do have some eucalyptus so I may try switching things up a bit.

  2. When I say how do you tone your scalp I mean what step of the washing process? After prepoo? Alone before conditioning? Do you rinse it out?

  3. HI Anon, I like to apply the vinegar/water blend directly to my scalp after I rinse the conditioner out. I do a final rinse to allow it to travel down the length of my hair where it can help seal the cuticles.

  4. Hello. Sorry that this comment doesn't exactly fit, but I wonder how you keep your hair from being stinky after going to the gym. I need to start working out too, but that's my major obstacle. I've tried dry shampoo, but that doesn't even work on a normal day. How do you handle your scalp's smell on a normal day and after going to the gym?


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