Let's Create Next Month's Results Now!

I was on Pinterest the other day when a motivational quote appeared on my timeline that immediately caught my attention.  The message was written in bold font and said something to the effect of "this month's diet is next month's body."

Those words hit me like a ton of bricks.  That sentence was filled with truth and I couldn't ignore it.  I understood that if I took those words to heart, I could easily alter my future.
And that's exactly what I want!  It's what we all want.  And I'm not just talking about having our ideal body.  All of our current actions are now creating next month's results.  Since we're aware of this, we MUST do something about it.  Otherwise, we'll continue to perpetuate the same undesirable results longer than we need to.

I'm committed to operating differently now so I can enjoy the fruits of my labor a month from now.  There's so much can change between now and then.  

1. I could enjoy a slimmer, toner body.
2. I could increase the performance of my business.
3. I could organize & design my space.
4. I could take specific actions that grow my net worth.
5. I could be enjoying amazing experiences.
6. I could operate with immense focus and clarity if I meditate daily this month. 

There are so many things I can start doing today which will have an impact on my tomorrows.  Another reason why I love the quote is because of how realistic it is.  Planning for 2018 seems so far away but it's easy to think about next month's results.  It's kind of exciting knowing that, a month from now, things could be so very different.  

Heck, we can even tweak the slogan to say "today's actions is tomorrow's results."   It serves as a reminder of our role as creative directors over our lives. We're not meant to be passive observers, we're to lead and direct. 
 Never forget this. 

Here's a small example of how my actions today will create tomorrow's results. I know for a fact that if I work from a to-do list, I'll be more productive by leaps and bounds.  Yet, I often work without one.  When this happens, the odds of having a highly productive day dwindle dramatically.  If I chose to work from a focused list of actions for an entire month, the next month would be exceptional.  

Anything and everything we do this week, this month, or today, will impact our immediate future.  Another benefit to this way of thinking is that it causes us to always be focusing on our future. Most of the time, I only operate in the moment (which has it's pros & cons).  The more you think about the future (in a positive light) the more we engage in the LOA process.  

The next step is to write down all the results I want to experience a month from now.  Then I brainstorm ways to cause those results to manifest.  One more thing I should mention is how powerful NEW ACTIONS are when we're trying to create new results.  That's when transformational results are possible.   Coming up with new actions can be a challenge but I find it easier to do when I'm in a new environment.  So if I want to come up with new ways to grow my business, I'll go for a walk in nature or work from a different location.   But even before I come up with a list of new actions, I first make sure I'm doing the fundamental things that always bring consistent results (like a daily to-do list, meditating, etc).  

If you really want to get serious with this, try pairing it with Albert Einstein's visualization technique to really paint a vivid picture of your desired life a month from now. Ideally, we want to replicate this future creation process every single month.  This is allows you to evoke the Compound Effect.

First, focus on what consistently works, then layer in new actions to enhance and elevate your results.  What do you want your life to be like by as early as next month?  Whatever it is, you can ensure that you're closer to it than you are today.  All you have to do is work on it now.

That's my advice.  Get started on this today.

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