Battle of the Cera-Repairs: Two Biolage Ceramide products go head to head!

Awwww yeah! It's time for another round of hair product battles! This time I'm putting two of the same products together, head to head, for some healthy hair action! You guys may remember today's contenders from my previous post on my favorite ceramides. Yes, my dears, for today's battle we are going to watch as Biolage Cera-Repair and Biolage Cera Repair Pro battle to the death (or whatever).

Enough talking, let's get to it shall we?

You guys know how excited I was when I was first introduced to Biolage Cera-Repair. I was right in the middle of my ceramide high and this product was a perfect compliment to my routine. Ever since my first taste of Cera-Repair, I've been itching to upgrade to the Pro formula. Now that I've had a chance, let me take a moment to compare the two based on my experience thus far.

I think the biggest, and most obvious, difference between the two products is the packaging. Cera-Repair Pro comes in a nifty little convenient glass bottle which makes for convenient usage. The non-pro package is a more of a plastic applicator tube which makes sense for the product's consistency. What I appreciate most about the glass bottle is that I make sure I use every drop of the product with each use. With the regular Cera-Repair, I have to cut the tube open so I can scrape out the last bit of product. Another thing I like about the glass container that it's clear which allows me the freedom available to ration out exactly what I want for pre-poo and deep conditioning. This round goes to Cera-Repair pro because of it's awesome product design.

Next, let's look at the price. As you would imagine, the price for the Cera-Repair Pro formula is a bit more than the regular. Since I can't find these products from the store I get them from Amazon. There are varying prices for the Pro formula but the lowest cost is close to $30.00 for 10 vials. The Hydra repair in the tubes goes for around $20.00 for 10 tubes. Using a little simple math tells me that each unit of the liquid pro formula cost $1 more even though you are getting the same .34 ounces of product per unit. So with that said, I don't believe that you get a full $10.00 of value by upgrading to the Professional Cera-Repair treatment. Those $10 dollars could be allocated elsewhere in your hair regimen. Perhaps a bottle of Gleau Nourishing oil....just sayin'.

Finally, let's talk about the actual product itself. When comparing the two products, the biggest, and most obvious, difference between the two is their consistency. The professional formula is liquid and similar in consistency to a watery leave-in. This makes the product ideal for mixing in with your current conditioner (which I do) or putting into a spray bottle and misting hair like a leave-in. Although the instructions say to rinse out, I chose not to because it doesn't weigh the hair down. Biolage Cera-Repair (tube) is similar to a conditioner in consistency. It's thick but not too thick. Last year I was dealing with treating specific damage areas. With the consistency of the Cera-Repair, I was easily able target certain areas of my hair based on need. Plus I loved the fact that once the product was applied, it stayed put.

The clincher for me, comes down to the results I experienced during use. Even though I so wanted the Professional version to steal my heart, I have to say that I was sorely disappointed compared to the regular formula. I don't know how to explain it but I could really tell the difference in my hair when using the regular Cera-Repair. Perhaps the Pro formula is more powerful but, for me, I see it more as a supporting product more than a major player in my routine. I just feels like the results are more subtle than my first Cera-Repair purchase. With the Cera-Repair, I wasn't mixing it into my conditioners, I applied the product separately so my hair could receive the full benefits (and I could tell the difference). My honest assessment is the thicker version works better with thicker hair.

And the winner is.......

While I love the idea of having access to a Professional strength product, my expectations were'nt met as sufficiently as they were with the at home version of the treatment. If you'd like to get your hands on the product, I invite you to opt for the winner of the battle of Cera-Repairs first then graduate to the Pro Formula if you feel the need.

'till next time!


  1. Hey Nadege, i'm an avid follower of your site. your blog is trully inspirational and my main source for my own personal healthy hair journey. I've been on my journey for just over a year and have made amazing progress thanks to your blog. And i've been wanting to request this for a long time now on your personal update. where are you in your hair journey? BSL? MBL? or maybe even WL? after so much experimentation what products have finally made it into your staple stash? could we have pics of your hair? for more inspration and idolization. Thank you for all you've done.

  2. Hello Nadege,
    Have you ever used the Biolage Fortetherapie Cera-repair at home treatment prior to neutralizing your relaxer?

  3. @ Things said: I haven't tried it before my neutralizer yet. I did buy a product from Avlon that contains ceramides & protein which is recommended for use after rinsing out the relaxer. That product has a low pH so it also neutralizes.

    What I did try recently is mix the professional version in my leave-in spray bottle to use after each wash. So far so good. If you'd like to try it prior to neutralizing, I say "give it a shot!" It wouldn't harm your hair. You still want to use a protein reconstructor along with it to strengthen the hair shaft. The ceramides will reinforce the cuticle layer. You could also save a little bit and use during the deep conditioning step.

  4. Hello Nadege,
    Thanks for your response. I tried the Fiberguard Sustenance today after my shampoo. I must say I was impressed - 13 weeks post and it tamed my new growth like it was nothing - strength and softness - this will be my after relaxer product - Thanks!


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