"Rubbing my nails together gave me good results": A Relaxed Hair Health Reader Experience

About a year ago, I wrote a post about rubbing the nails together to promote healthy hair. After writing that entry, I was pleasantly surprised to receive several comments from folks who tried this technique and experienced great results. One such experience comes from a reader who contacted me yesterday telling me all about her nail rubbing experience.

Here's what she shared:

"I was reading about the posting you had about rubbing your fingernails together.
I tried it and it really works. My hairstylist who is Cuban told me about it from
a stylist from India that works with her. And I still do it it's like a habit
now lol. She told me that the women from India would rub their finger tips
together to make their hair grow. She also showed me how it was done. From then on I would do it constantly while sitting in the chair getting my hair done at the shampoo bowl, or sitting under the dryer etc. I would massage my scalp afterwards. It just became a habit. I would feel tingling in my finger then going through my arms then my scalp would get tingley then itchy but I would keep doing it 'til I was tired."

During our email exchanges, she mentioned how over the past five months while continuing this practice, she's gotten good results. She was even gracious enough to share some pics of her gorgeous hair.

For those of you hearing about this technique for the first time, the "science" behind the theory of rubbing nails for healthy hair is linked to the art of reflexology where parts of the body are stimulated to active and heal other, specific areas. If you take a look at this diagram, the finger tips are connected with the top of head and brain. Thus, by rubbing the finger tips (nails), you are able to reach and stimulate the head and scalp.

In her book, Hand Reflexology: Key to Perfect Health, Mildred Carter devotes a chapter to stopping hair loss, growing new hair, and prevent grays through the use fo Reflexology. She shared the advice of another famous reflexologist, Dr Joe Shelby Riley, to rub the fingernails together 2-3 times a day for around 5 minutes a session. We can further enchance the experience by being intentional and visualizing the scalp as we rub our nails together. I'd like to thank the reader who reached out and reminded us of this wonderful practice. I myself saw some great results whenever I was consistently rubbing my nails. Perhaps, I can pair this habit this to my scalp massage practice as my reader did to help me remain consistent.

Here are a couple of the comments I received from other believers in this process. They shared their feedback with me when I first posted on this subject:

Anonymous said...
Hi, I have been rubbing my nails for the past 3 months and I have noticed I don't lose as much hair as I used to. I am 27 years old and my hair started thinning after using hair dyes and perming my hair twice when I was younger. But this technique has helped me in just 3 months my hair has stopped falling a lot and my hair looks healthy/shiny compared to before when it was dry and weak. I had lost some of my baby hairs but even that has come back. I realised this after my mother noticed that my hair doesn't look as thin as it did 3 months ago. I have also changed my diet, which means a lot of fruits and veg is involved, I make sure I drink 2 litres of water daily, massage my scalp for 5 minutes with my finger tips everyday and I do yoga everyday. All this is helping internally therefore I feel it's showing on the outside. Do try keep it up as I stopped few years ago and the hair thinning started showing it's ugly face. It's only after I realized how much I want my thick hair back I have kept it up.
Even I wanted quick results, but you have to be patient and keep it up.

December 21, 2010 11:07 AM

Anonymous said...
Hello there,

I've done this for quite a while, but I've always had great hair even when not doing it. I'm 28 and male, from Ireland. My hair was already Jet-black (always has been) but I am starting to see a blue'ish tint to it which I had when I was younger (around 20ish).

When I was younger I needed my hair cut every two weeks and my nails cut every other day because it grew so fast, it's slowed down as I've gotten older but since I've started doing this again (around 3 months ago) the exact same thing is happening, I'm needing to cut my hair at least once a month and my nails twice weekly.

I can't exactly tell you HOW this works, all I can see is that you will NOTICE considerable improvements. Trust me on this.

I rub my nails when I'm on the bus going into work (10-15 minutes) then at night before nodding off to sleep (around 20-25 minutes). I also rub my nails when I am stationary and not using my hands (I've done this since I was a kid)

Would love to hear about a blonde person doing this, and see'ing if their hair gets darker


October 10, 2010 8:06 AM


  1. I'm going to give this a try! I've started researching and did find a few precautions. Don't rub your thumbs because that will increase the hair on your....FACE!!! lol - I am not trying to have a mustache or beard or look like Elvis! Also, you shouldn't rub your nails if you have high blood pressure or are pregnant. Good luck! I'm a very patient person so I don't mind the length of time it will take to see results from this!

  2. Do smooth massage of coconut oil or amla oils from your fingertips regularly, it is tonic for hair.
    Nice blog of hair health.

  3. what about people who have thinning of hair during post-50s. Does rubbing of hair help in that case also? if yes,how much should be done?

  4. @ Anon-check out the post I wrote on thinning hair. That may answer some questions for you. http://relaxedhairhealth.blogspot.com/2012/04/thinning-hair-causes-and-how-to-address.html

  5. I am doing nail rubbing since two months this technique really works. My hairs started shinning & growing on bald areas of head. I recommend everyone to atleast try it & it's free of cost.

    1. Really..... At blade are also you getting new hair in just 2 months

  6. I am 51 and have receding hair line and so I am definitely going to do the nail rubbing thing. I have been drinking kefir milk for a couple of months now and the very first thing that I noticed was that my hair grew thick and fast like I was a teenager where now I get my hair cut every 3 weeks instead of every 8 weeks. The kefir grains essentially convert the milk proteins to a biologically compatible protein for human consumption along with the beneficial bacteria including the documented case where it was noted that the probiotic Lactobacillus paracasei (which is in huge quantity in kefir milk) reduces the production of DHT and in turn sebum. Also a big role in reversing hair loss is diet, it is noted that the typical Japanese male that has consumed the traditional foods all his life will never experience hair loss. Since the western diet was introduced into Japan the average male is larger but for the first time in history they are experiencing hair loss.

  7. @ Golathmim-That's interesting that you brought up the kefir milk. I met a man about 4 months ago who shared his experience with kefir milk. I did some looking around but never actually purchased it. I may look into it again.

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Has anyone els had any benefits from this? I am positive about it as since I started a few weeks ago I am defnitely shedding less hair. Also reflexology worked for a neck injury I had recently. Looking st hairloss forums this technique gets rubbished but id like to hear if anyone els has had any success? Thanks

  9. Does this exercise regrow hair on the front? Does it regrow lost hair on the hairline? Can it fix a receding hairline? How long does it take to see results? Does it work better if you are younger? Should I combine this rubbing with anything else to see better or results?

  10. Dear
    Plz tell me what is KEFIR GRAINS OR MILK .is it avail in india PlzZz tell me i am lossing my hair allover i m 32 . my scalp looks verymuch from the font .

  11. How many time to get new hair back

  12. I think rubbing nails for 1 year will give you great results. If you want to get quick results within 6 months, you must use curd on your head every morning for half an hour along with this rubbing technique. Do tell me after 6 months as the bald headed person of 40 yrs old will surely get his hair back.

  13. Hi All,

    I am Yogesh. I am 22 years old Guy. I had lots of thick hairs during my college days. After college I started in Multinational Company. After few months I started noticing a huge hairloss and even I started getting headache at work may be because of stress. Now within 1 year I lost nearly 35-40% of hairs. I have tried everything but it resulted in nothing. I have shaved my head one to get better hair, later on I started using hairoils, shampoos but none of them worked. Recently I watched AASTHA channel in which Baba Ramdev suggested to rub the nails in order to cure hairloss. I started doing from then and also started Sirsasan and Sarvangasan. Anyhow I decided to continue it till 3-4 months to see the results as it costs nothing. Many of say that it works an many says it does'nt. Now i am using Patanjali's Kesh Kanti shampoo. But still I am noticing hairloss. Lets see what will be the result after 3 Months.

    Can anybody who has tried this trick tell me does it really works???

    You can contact me on my e-mail id [email protected]

  14. yet I am not clear that nail rubbing how ? By which part of the nails to which part of the nails. Can anybody give me a knowledge.

  15. Hi all,

    Finally I've found people who had tried this like me! I am 56. I have been doing this nail rubbing for a year. My hair was getting a little thin, and I was getting a some grey hair. I decided to give it a try. It's free! I have long thick auburn hair. It has been growing so fast in the last 4 months. My daughters finally believe that it works. People ask me about my hair all the time. I tell them what I do and they roll their eyes. Lol oh well. I'm here to tell you it works! I also do face yoga. People think, I'm in my early forties. :) It's awesome! It takes patients, but it's worth the wait!

  16. Hi there,
    I have been on this technique for about 3 weeks now , I can't judge it now , but what made me decide to keep on doing that is the tingling sensation in my scalp whicg i feel while practicing the technique

  17. I have been rubbing nails for TWO days and already my hair loss has dropped to HALF! I have CFS and have lost nearly 60% of my hair over the past 30 years. It fell out in varrying degrees thru the years. I rub all nails except thumb just in the moon shaped bed area of nail and I rub them one at a time with fingernail from other hand. I do this a total of 15-20 minutes per day. I rub them the long direction across moon shaped area. I wasn't expecting this to work and try no other techniques to grow hair or supplements. I'm hoping in a few months I'll have new hair growing in. Just stopping the daily excessive hair loss is a miracle to me.

  18. hello,

    practice these easy steps for better results:

    1) yes, nail rubbing technique does help. Just do it for 15 mins daily to control hairfall.
    2) use coconut hair oil. massage the scalp. Then comb (around 100strokes) for good blood circulation.
    3) take multivitamin capsules ( vitamin B complex ).
    4) Try rubbing ONION juice on bald patches and leave for 1 hour. do this for three times a week.
    5) avoid stress
    6) and drink plenty of water.

    works for me.
    hope it helps.

    Good luck :)

  19. Does this work on causation hair? After 2 major abdominal surgeries (gastrectomy for ulcers) my hair has been falling out like crazy. And...IT WAS ALWAYS THIN TO BEGIN WITH! ! Please help!

  20. Hi Regina,
    Thanks for the comment. If the premise of why this works is correct, rubbing nails for hair growth should work for any hair type.

  21. does it helps for premature greying of hair ??

  22. hi my name is Mohamed I need your help how to use nail rubbing please in order to use this technique.

  23. i am just started to do this ..hope good result...

  24. I heard about this treatment for hair loss recently and am intrigued. I've been trying ut for a short while and can definitely feel a sensation of heat in the scalp after about 7 minutes.

    There has also been a recent positive peer-reviewed study(google it) into the efficacy of pumpkin seed oil capsules in the prevention and reversal of male pattern baldness, which I am also trying.

    Good luck with holding on to your hair everyone!

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  26. Yes,it's great technique one can easily manage to do this at anytime of the day,like other techniques you don't need to focus all your attention over it.You can follow it anytime and any where.


  27. Yes, a good scalp massage will be more helpful for better hair health. That's what I have realized since I started following head massage routines. It is really effective. Mental health also affects hair health. If you are stress free your hairs will be healthier too.


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