CHI Keratin Mist Review Part II: Redemption!

My heart is overjoyed at the moment as I sit here and type. I have removed one roller from my lazy man's version of the rollerset and I am pleased with what I am seeing so far. When I say the lazy man's rollerset, I mean that instead of rolling my entire head with rollers as one would normally do, I thought it would be best to combat my ever increasing amount of new growth with an alternative styling method.

Prior to rollersetting, I refilled my magical leave-in mix with more distilled water while adding only a little bit of CHI Keratin Mix to my spray bottle. I made sure to only added enough of the product to help my hair where it needs it the most without the risk of protein overkill. I definitely was not heavy handed with this product especially after the results I got during my last wash. After adding the CHI to my leave-in, I shook the mix vigorously to make sure all the ingredients had a chance to become one harmonious healthy hair union and began to spray liberally throughout the hair.

What I did next was comb my wet hair in a backwards motion as one would do when preparing the hair for a ponytail. I then proceed to tie one of my satin scarfs around the front of my head as if I were creating a wide headband with the scarf. The rest of my hair was loose in the back. With my trusty snap magnetic rollers in hand, I proceed to put together a sub-standard rollerset. By substandard, I mean that I did not even think twice about perfectly straight parts nor was I concerned much with the tautness of the roller. I only wanted to make sure that each strand of hair was some how wrapped around a roller.

Even though my efforts were sub par, the leave-in mix still remained effective. This time, however, my hair was enjoying both the moisturizing properties of the rosewater and coconut oil, all while receiving the strengthening component of the Keratin Mist. This new leave-in combination is force to be reckoned with.

So as I complete part 2 of CHI's Keratin Mist review, I am running my hands through my hair as I normally do. Only this time, I am not becoming ever increasingly frustrated by breakage. My hair is strong and moisturized. I can not ask for much more. With that said, I will definitely recommend this product to those of you who would like to enjoy stronger hair. I paid around $14.00 for the bottle but because I pour very little of it into my leave-in mix, I know my $14.00 will go a long way. The strength my hair receives from the product is nearly instant and I feel that by heavily diluting it, I can use it weekly to keep my hair strong. I will update everyone if using it too frequently leads to any adverse effects.

Thanks for listening.

CHI Keratin Mist is definitely a keeper.


  1. I just bought this and I am loving it too! I noticed it leaves my hair a little sticky and heavy though, so maybe I will dilute it to see what happens

  2. How's it going with this product? I have it on mishlist and I am curious if you still feel the same way about the CHI Keratin Mist.

  3. Hi La!
    It turns out that my hair does not respond well to direct proteins for some reason. In order for my hair to respond well, I need to dilute the power of the protein. I think Keratin Mist is a good product. I just had to find out how to use it so that my hair could benefit.

  4. What are the ingredients and proportions of this miracle leave-in treatment that you you use? Please post or refer me to earlier posts perhaps. thanks

  5. I use the Chi Keratin mist as well. Just a little at a time though. I combine it with the Chi silk infusion. It wors very well.


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