Feed your follicles with a healthy scalp massage

Healthy Scalp
Stagnation or circulation? Which do you prefer? Does a flowing river not support and create growth and abundance more than a retention pond? I'm using this analogy to help you realize the importance of flow and circulation. More importantly, circulation to the scalp. Anytime circulation slows, in any environment, you restrict possible the life-giving source that supports further growth. I've posted several times on the benefits of increased stimulation. Today, I'm here to present to you the newest addition to my hair team.

My new scalp massager....

This thing is amazing. Even with a heap of new growth, this massager is sturdy enough to reach into the deepest parts of my hair all the way down to the scalp. Not only that, I also love the fact that I can massage away to my heart's content without even the hint of fear of damaging my hair. It's so gentle, yet so firm, yet so effective.

Scalp massages are important because it encourages increased blood flow directly to the follicles. Because the scalp is an extremity, increased blood flow to that area doesn't occur naturally unless you take direct action to do so. Tension and stress of the every day also works to restrict the muscles. Even the scalp is impacted by tension. Tension is restrictive. We need to do whatever we can to encourage free flowing movement of blood flow right where we need it most.

Enough talking. I actually created a video praising the magnificence of my massager.

Roll 'em!


  1. Sounds interesting. Are you really using it while you're driving as well?

  2. Yeah! I tend to be in the car a lot so I figured I can use that time usefully. I only use one hand though. Safety first!

  3. Your hair looks amazing. I've seen those in the Dollar store many times and wondered what use I would have for it. Now I have one. Thanks for the tip.


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