It's all fun and games until someone lets their hair down

So I spent Saturday evening at a friend's house re-enacting both fun and challenging games from the popular TV game show "Minute to Win It." Overall, game night was entertaining to say the least. The night, however, took a turn for the better when, midway through the evening, one of the party-goers removed her hair claw clip to reveal this....

From that moment on, I thought quietly to myself on how I would strike up a conversation with her to discuss the particulars of her absolutely fabulous head of hair. So I waited patiently as attendees failed and succeeded at various physical and mental challenges using only common household items. Finally the moment came when people, tired from the nights events, started to depart for home. At this point, I still hadn't figured out a smooth transition from natural conversation to the topic of hair. So I did what I thought made sense.............
We're both beginning to pick up toilet paper pieces, ping pong balls, and other randomness off the hard wood floor when out of nowhere I ask "is your hair natural or relaxed?"
She responds that she relaxes her hair and has done so for years. Next, I dropped the awkward question. "Can I take a picture of it?"

Without even giving it much thought, this person who I literally just met granted me this unusual request of having the back of her head photographed. I'm sure she probably thought the few pictures I took of her would satisfy my curiosity. She had no idea that phase two of my plan would consist of an impromptu interview detailing the steps she takes to care for her lovely tresses.

It turns out her regimen is pretty simple. She just does what works for her hair and it's rewarded her with the wonderful gift of luscious lengths. I wasn't forward enough to ask her to stretch her curls out but I wouldn't be surprised (judging from the pic above) if her hair reached waist length.

So here's the scoop:
  • She visits the salon every 3 months or so to receive touchups using a mild relaxer from her stylist. Right now she's in a super long 6 month stretch. This isn't the norm for her. In fact, she states that her stylist will probably not be pleased when he finds out how long she's going without a touch up.
  • Between salon visits, she washes weekly and deep conditions with Proclaim or Redken products.
  • After washing she allows most of the hair to air dry. She then follows up with a blow dry to remove any remaining moisture, and proceeds to flat iron.
  • She applies a Redken Smoothdown serum whenever she uses her iron. Once she's done, she puts the iron away until the following wash. I checked out this product's review on Folica. It looks to be pretty effective. I'm making a mental note to check this product out next time I'm strolling down the aisles of my local Ulta store.
  • She helps seal in moisture throughout the week with an oil product from Kera Care.
  • I asked if she had ever suffered any set-backs. Surprisingly enough, she said that her set backs came when she wore ponytails on a daily basis. The stress from the additional tension caused extreme breakage at the nape. She lifted the hair do demonstrate and I could see the difference in length between her longest layers and the hair at the nape.
  • Her method of making a triumphant comeback from her setback is to wear the hair down or use hair claws in lieu of tight ponytails.
  • She also admitted that her current regimen does not cause or contribute to excessive breakage. This means she can continue doing what she's doing knowing that she can easily continue to retain length.
  • Finally, she stated that though she has allowed 6 months to pass without a touch up, she plans to continue relaxing for now.
So that's pretty much it. I just wanted to share with you my experience with a real life hair inspiration. I didn't go any deeper into the questioning (although I easily could have) for fear of seeming like a deranged hair lush but I'm glad I at least mustered up the nerve to get the pics.

'till next time.


  1. Very nice. lol @ you trying not to be a creeper.
    I love the blog and pretty much buy all the products you rave about smh lol

    Although I see these ladies with really long hair and can't help but think more than half the credit is due to genetics...they don't look like me.

  2. This is a very motivating post as my regimen is very similar. I'm using KeraCare products now and am definitely going to try Redken in the future. Her hair is so pretty and I hope that in a few years mines will be the same.

  3. Her hair is pretty. Congrats on her using what works for her.

  4. Her hair is so luscious! Kudos for you for holding your tongue until the right moment - I would have jumped on her the minute all that beautiful hair came tumbling down. How inspiring!

  5. Wow! I love how silky her hair looks!

  6. Her hair makes me drool! Gorgeous!
    I know when she let her hair down it was like slow motion! Thank you for mustering the courage to ask her about her beautiful hair! I think I would have worn her out
    with my interrogation about what she does with her hair!! Maybe you can feature her on your blog so you can ask her MORE!!

  7. Her hair is gorgeous! I for one appreciate that you went out on a limb...I should mix up my ponytail reggie...really should. I bun every day of the week. It cannot be that great even tho I soak my ponytail holders in oil.

  8. I love your blog! Her hair is gorgeous and I hope to have mine that long one day! My hair breaks off pretty badly if I do too long without a relaxer. I'm jealous of women that can stretch it out like that.

  9. She has very pretty hair. Its funny, the title made me think you were getting into fight over hair with a stranger. I thought all hell had broken loose.

  10. First let me say I just started reading your blog, and I love it. I've had long hair all my life, and two years ago I cut it to my shoulders. So I know a lot about maintaing long and medium length relaxed hair.

    Another good heat styling product that I highly recommend comes from Matrix's Sleek.look line. It's called the "sleek look iron smoother." The "sealing serum" also works great! It leaves my hair feeling light, weightless, smooth, and super SHINEY!

    What I do is I section my hair into four parts, then from there start on each section separating a small section of hair from the larger portion, spray two squirts, or until the complete length of my hair has been covered and then slide the flat iron through. I use the serum after I've detangled my hair, it cuts blow drying time in half and my hair is much smoother after. I only use a dime size amount, so I don't weigh my hair down.

  11. Wow, her hair is amazing and she is doing the same thing that I plan on doing as a I go back forth in my mind of deciding whether or not to nix the relaxers completely.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  12. Great blog, and you are funny!!!!

  13. omg...I think I just fell in love. *swoon*

  14. This is great info, do luv her hair, I wear my hair down alot to, i just put it a loose bun when I'm around the house, wish u found out what relaxer, her stylist info although I live in the Bahamas, her hair type, and does she have split ends.

    I'm going to check that heat protectant, I wash and flat iron 2 times a week in fear of heat damage

  15. My mouth fell open. Gorgeous hair.


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