Video Update: Lessons Learned from going Gluten Free

I thought I'd be waiting a little longer to provide an update on my recent post on eliminating gluten but the changes have been so powerful that I thought, "why wait?" So I decided not to do the low carb thing after all but instead I would focus my energies on seeing if I had any sensitivities to gluten. So far things are going much better than I expected! I really hope this new way of eating allows me to experience these benefits long term.

I will say that even though my diet isn't one where I count carbs, I have minimized the amount of processed rice from my meals. Before, rice was an every night thing. Now I have it maybe once or twice a week. Although, eliminating gluten has shrunk my options even more than before, I find myself finding new foods in incorporate into my diet and so far I'm having a blast enjoying the newfound variety. Check out this video update where I'm explaining not only the benefits I'm getting from being gluten free but also the lesson I'm learning from going through this experience.


  1. i briefly tried gluten free and in doing so ate a lot of whole grains.

  2. When I stopped eating unclean foods of Leviticus 11 especially pork and shrimp. My skin stopped breaking out.I use to break out on my back too. Shrimp are known to break people out they filter fecal matter in the oceans. I have cut down on so such white bread, pasta and rice too. I hope you are successful on finding out what it is that is breaking you out etc.

  3. Thanks for sharing this testimony. Have been considering cutting out as much gluten as possible from my family's diet...


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