How Beyonce's work ethic is inspiring my hair journey

This year I'm really trying to create new experiences in my life.  What I've been learning in the few short months of 2012 is how much work it actually takes to bring my goals results into reality and then maintain them.  Nowadays, whenever I see someone who is successful (in whatever endeavor) I think about all the focus, work, and dedication that person has invested to make that happen.

Everything we see and experience in reality is the result past actions (or inactions).  If we look at something as simple making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, it all starts with a thought.  Someone says to themselves, I want a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  That person then walks over to the kitchen then begins collecting the ingredients needed to make the sandwich, once the ingredients are located, the process of assembling the sandwich takes place.  Before you know it, she has brought her intention into reality. It's important to note that simply thinking about a PB&J sandwich, doesn't make it happen.  There are certain other steps that need to take place.  Then there are times when we think to ourselves, "I would love a thick, juicy steak right now."  But then we end up fixing a Cup 'o Noodle instead.  What happens in this instance is we didn't align our actions with obtaining the steak.  Instead our actions state "I'll settle for a Cup o' Noodle."

So when we think about our hair journey, we would a probably agree that what we desire most is healthy hair.  But, as we all know, having thick healthy hair is kinda like enjoying that fancy steak.  Sure we all say we want it, but often times we're not ready willing to put in the work required of us.  Hey, sometimes it easier to just put a cup of dehydrated "food" in the microwave and keep it moving.  I often communicate with folks via email providing insight on how one can create healthy hair. Sometimes, during the communication, I learn that the person been inconsistent with deep conditioning, she doesn't really moisturize or seal and pretty much hasn't been taking the basic steps required to promote healthy hair.   Her actions are not saying "I want thick, healthy hair", they are saying, "I'll settle for mediocre, Cup 'o Noodle, hair."

When I study individuals who have a strong work ethic, what I learn from them is they have a high level of drive for taking action which has absolutely nothing to do with whether they feel like it or not.  It's not a "have to", or "want to", it's a "must"!  They work hard day after pay perfecting their craft and soon they are rewarded for all relentless efforts.   Look at anyone who's at the top of their game.  Once you start to study their behaviors you will also learn that the actions that created the success continues long after the results have manifested.

One person who comes to mind is Beyonce.  I wouldn't call myself a fan but I remember learning something about her as I watched a live performance once via youtube. The entire time I kept thinking about how she made these tiny little gestures and movements that took whatever she was doing to the next level.  As a matter of fact, every time I've seen her perform, she's always on level 10.   And she keeps pushing herself to go harder and farther. The result? She's arguably the most successful female artist of the past decade.

Take a look at this video so you can get a glimpse of what I'm talking about....


 When I listened to Beyonce's interview, I heard words like "stamina", "get focused," "I just have to fight through it," "my eyes are on the prize..." "be driven and be a fighter."  When she shared those words, she was referring to world class athletes but I'm here to say that they are also the formula for success for our hair journey (or anything else we desire).  Now, anytime find myself experiencing results that aren't what I intended, I ask myself, "how much of my focus, time, and energy have I invested into really making this happen?  How consistent am I being with my actions?  Am I paying attention to the details?  Do I notice when the small signs of damage begin to appear?  How much am I willing to give in order to see my desire become a reality?

I'm inspired once again to rededicate myself to realizing what I want.  Keeping my eyes on the prize is critical.  Every wash day, I'm not gonna think about how much time this process will take, instead I focus on how much healthier my hair will look and feel.  As I focus my attention on the larger goal, my hard work seems less demanding.  After all, the work lasts for a few hours but the rewards of the time we put in lasts way beyond.


  1. Nadege- this is GREAT and so on point. I want thicker healthier hair but I really am not putting in the effort needed. I am going to send you an email soon. Thank you for this post

  2. This is a great post! When it comes to a few aspects of my life I find myself slacking and 'settling' a lot and then disappointed when I am not seeing progress. It's not always easy to remain focused in all circumstances but this is a great reminder.

    I'm glad you posted that video too. I like Bey but I have never seen that interview.

  3. I love me some Beyonce and her performances are always awesome! I have been putting in lots of effort and money (product junkie )etc into my hair and it has been paying off. Now I do need to apply this in other areas of life. Thanks for this!

  4. Thanks for posting this! Every now and again I need some inspiration to help me get back on track, whether with personal issues or my hair care journey. This post was perfect in reminding me to plod on even when I feel like just giving up. Mediocre comes no where close to the standard I need to achieve in my life.

  5. I'm very happy that you talked about her work ethic because, even if I'm also not a "fan", she definetely inspires me to work hard for what I want in life, starting right now!
    Thank you for this post (:

  6. Thanks for this post but can you please give us some tips on how to do it. I don't mind the time and effort but I am really lost on how to star this journey. Please help!


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