"I dream my painting and I paint my dream"- Vincent Van Gogh

I just love feasting my eyes on things that bring forth inspiration.  Today I'd like to share what currently brings me inspiration.  Hope you enjoy.

What are you inspired by?


  1. omg inspired this is amazing ohh i love to have all of those. the first pic tail bone ohhh sparkle in my eyes.

  2. DessyGt- from the looks of your profile picture you are well on your way.

    Nadage- as always thanks for such inspirational, knowledgeable, detailed posts! You are truly a motivating and i appreciate you and your blog very much!

  3. O.K., I am gased up to really get my hair growing. Thanks for the mojo. :-)

  4. Oh Lorrd! I am salivating. Now I am inspired to go to the whole nine yards, hair, skin, fitness, nutrition. A whole new me. I hope this lasts! Just came across your blog... love!


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