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Shortly after I wrote this introductory post on fermented cod liver oil (FCLO), I placed an order on amazon for the capsules.  As soon as my order arrived, I inspected the capsules and saw an immediate contrast between the light golden look of my previous brand and the thick opaque gel like look of the fermented brand.  The appearance alone, to me, was a testament to the potency of this stuff.

I took a few capsules right away.   From the look of these things, I expected some sort of smell or taste even though the thick dark gel was locked away in a capsule. Luckily for me, none of that happened.  Hours later, there was no sign of the fishy burp associated with low quality fish oil products.

That night, something strange and wonderful happened.  My dreams were extremely vivid.  Prior to this I became one of those people who barely remembered my dreams immediately upon waking.  After taking the fermented cod liver oil capsules I could remember all of my dreams as if they really happened.  I kinda took this as a sign that this new cod liver oil was having some sort of an effect on me.  So I decided to take the experience to the next level.

I bit the bullet and ordered another bottle, this time I said "f" the capsules, I was ready to go all in. In my post I talked about the benefits of taking the cod liver/butter oil blend.  The two work synergistically to elevate the nutritional level of the cod liver.  This time, however, there would be no capsules to shield me from the dark brown gel.

Others who tried the FCLO liquid (gel) online recommended trying a flavored variety, namely the cinnamon tingle.  I opted to go for the original formula with no flavor whatsoever.  Reason being, I didn't want the flavor of cinnamon to become synonymous with fermented fish.  Plus the cinnamon flavor would likely linger in my mouth long after the fish oil was consumed leaving behind a reminder of what took place moments before.  I wanted none of that. As soon as I swallowed my spoon full, I wanted nothing to remind me of what had occurred.

My daily dosage is about 1/2 a teaspoon or so a day.  I take it by placing the gel near the back of my throat, while holding my breath (so there's no taste) and I swallow with a flavored drink like orange juice.  Believe it or not, the juice pretty much masks the flavor of the fermented fish. My first go around, I made the huge mistake of taking this product straight from the spoon with nothing to wash it down.   I can proudly say that I at least experienced it raw, but I wouldn't wish that kind of experience on anybody.

It's been a few weeks now and I'm ready to tell you of my results so far.  Every article, blog post, and forum mention I've read online on FCLO highlights one main benefit. Glowing, clear skin from exposure to natural vitamin A.  Well I'm hear to put my name on the list along with the many others who've experienced this wonderful side effect.  I travel alot and sometimes I'll use Face Time to connect with my husband to say good night.  I have the Ipad2 and those of you who've used Face Time know that the video quality isn't all the great.  Last week I was rambling to him about some random thing when, all of the sudden, he was like "you're glowing."  Fast forward a week later and he tells me that he's also noticing improvement in his skin.  He's never had any skin issues but he explained that he sometimes has dry areas which have now disappeared. Then he tells me that my skin looks much smoother and clearer than before.

Just as I began to take the fermented cod liver oil, I had a couple large breakouts that took forever to subside. I was paying them so much attention that I didn't notice what was going on around them.  My skin tone was becoming smooth and my scars were diminishing.  To help speed up the healing of my skin, I came up with the bright idea to pop open a capsule and apply the cod liver oil gel directly to my acne with a q-tip.  Now those breakouts are fully gone and I'm looking at a completely different face than I had before.  I've also noticed a huge difference in the look of my old acne scars. I'm not sure if it's from using the kojic acid soap or from the rapid cell turnover that's associated with vitamin A.   Either way, I'm a very happy woman.

The other difference I noticed was in my scalp.  The weather has changed and usually, my scalp is a dry itchy mess right now.  The past few weeks have been unusually busy for me which caused me to deviate from my normal wash routine.  I went waaay longer that I expected before washing. Normally, my scalp would have exploded by now.....but not this time.    My scalp behaved like a well trained child with only minimal dandruff.  I'm amazed.

So now I wait.  I wait patiently, as I continue to take the fermented cod liver oil almost daily.  I wait to see the impact to my new growth months from now.  If my skin continues to improve, I'll soon reach my intention of having perfectly clear, flawless skin.   I also learned that they company who makes this cod liver oil also offers a skin care balm containing shea butter, coconut oil, fermented cod liver and butter oil.  I think I'll pick that up to include in my routine.   If there's anyone out there dealing with skin conditions like eczema or rosacea, please consider researching online the benefits of fermented cod liver oil.  If you are already taking cod liver oil for the skin benefits, why not get your hands on the most powerful cod liver oil product available?


  1. Have to try this out. Thank God I found a webshop that sells it over here (I live in the Netherlands)

  2. Thanks soooo much for this post. Never heard of Fermented Cod Liver Oil before. My skin should love this!

  3. thanks for the update! so far, my daughter's teeth look amazing....no root canal necessary! so hopefully your teeth are benefiting as well!
    i am about to switch the whole family!
    happy thanksgiving!

  4. Vienna H. can you please give me the adress of the internet site that you found that sells it?

  5. I take the FCLO too. I used to take Carlsons but decided to step it up a bit. I don't have the butter oil but I take a small pat of butter along with the oil. My skin is thanking me.

  6. I recently purchased the Butter/Fermented Cod Liver Oil combo and the Beauty Balm from a company called: Peaceful Planet. I received my products within 2 days and they were the least expensive website. It has only been (2) days, but I see an ENORMOUS difference in my skin (I have had cystic acne since I was a teen..I am now 48) and the bumps are ALL totally gone..I bought the capsules as I heard it heals cavities (still waiting to see on that one)...these products are AWESOME..will definitely buy more!

    1. Can children less than 6yrs of age use these products?

  7. How many capsules do you recommend starting out with? I just got my first bottle and am hoping it will help with my acne...I thought it was supposed to go away by the time I was 30! I will order the gel next time but have no clue how many capsules to take and if I should take them with food or in between meals.

  8. Hi Anon! I took several capsules as one (maybe like 3-5). My goals was to take a tablespoon worth. Make sure to drink an abundant supply of water. This will do wonders for your skin.

  9. Dear Nadege, I do not know if you still use the fermented cod liver oil but if you do, kindly read the links below about possible risks you might be exposing yourself to. This is not meant as anything but a PSA to you as I love your blog and have even bought your ebook and tea.


  10. Whoa, 2012! I purchased the cinnamon tingle, and I have to say this is an excellent product and article you have produced for beauty results. I haven't taken it daily, but I take it 3-4 days out the week. Between a half and whole teaspoon. It definitely makes your skin glow, if you take it consistently. The cinnamon tingle tastes just fine. I feel like I'm privy to some valuable beauty secret, because this is definitely something most women wouldn't know about....


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