How I will make 2013 the year of accomplishment

The start of a new year always excites me.  The idea of creating a new beginning and realigning myself with my goals and intentions is really powerful.  I have to admit that 2012 was a spectacular year and I'm ready to make 2013 even greater!

But in order to truly bring out the full potential of 2013, there are things that I must do differently.  Looking back at this year, I would say that there were some pretty significant intentions that I was able to bring into reality.  When I look back, I realize that there was a huge theme of manifesting physical objects that I desired.  But when it came to achieving outcomes, the results came much slower for me (if they came at all).

I understand that obtaining a physical object and creating a desired outcome requires different processes.  But, if the theory of the Law of Attraction holds true, it should be just as "easy" to attract an object as it is to manifest a particular outcome.   I think, I see physical items as something easily obtained but outcomes as more difficult because of the process required.   Outcomes, like the loss of weight or the achievement of a non-tangible goal that requires consistent action, may seem hard for us.  Why, because unlike a physical item, (which can be purchased with one decision and one subsequent action), non-tangible outcomes require something different from us.

Then I asked myself, "is it possible to use a similar process, to successfully bring about my non-tangible goals as well?"  To answer that question, I must first look at my process a little more closely.

Here's a glimpse into what my process looked like:

 I became obsessed  
Whenever there is something (physical) that I want, I get a little obsessive about it. My brain goes on and on and won't shut up until I actually have it.  I start working the numbers, I plan financially for it.  I even have a goal date of when it will finally become mine.  Nothing else is more important to me than achieving that goal. Do you remember the line in the movie "The Secret" when Mike Dooley said that "thoughts become things?"  That's exactly the process I used to manifest what I wanted.  My thoughts become so great that they eventually turn into reality.  Any my thoughts weren't like "oh, it'd be nice to have that,"  "wouldn't it be great to have that?"  Those types of thoughts were diluted in their power.  My thoughts were much more focused and intentional. 

  I kept it in front of me  
Even while I was plotting and scheming to bring my desired object into reality, I took regular actions that kept it in front of me at all times.  I would look at images of the item.  I would search for it online. I watched Youtube reviews over and over.  I would silently say "yes" to myself whenever I saw someone with it.  Anything I could do, short of buying it, to bring it closer to me, I did.

  I became emotional  
When I say emotional, I don't mean that I was crying or throwing tantrums to get what I wanted.  I used a fundamental practice in the law of attraction by "feeling good" whenever I thought of having what I wanted.  When I saw it in real life, I felt a sudden rush of excitement.  When I looked at images, my heart fluttered.  The thought of actually owning it made me gitty.  Being emotionally connected to what you want is the secret recipe in the creation process.

  I took actions that made it possible  
Being obsessive about something and looking at images all day may not bring it into existence unless there's some sort of (consistent) action that makes it possible.  For me, this action was setting up an automatic draft that allowed me the ability to bring my intentions into reality (without incurring any debt).  I realize that with the current outcomes I desire, money will not be the currency that gets me there.  Only time and consistent, focused action will make these things happen.  Just like with money, if I build up enough actions, I'll be able to "afford" the results I want.  The more actions I've taken, the greater the result I can achieve.

(creating a "Mind Movie" slideshow on my Ipad by playing images of desired outcomes to music)

I realize now, that I didn't have anywhere near the same type of burning desire for my outcome related intentions as I did my physical ones.   So now I will list out all of the outcomes I want to achieve. Then I will utilize the same process of becoming obsessed, keeping it in front of me, becoming emotionally invested, and taking consistent action to make these desired outcomes real.  One thing that I have to get over is not having that feeling of instant gratification that comes with obtaining a physical object.  What helps me get over this is knowing that the outcomes I desire will give me a more lasting type of gratification and a greater sense of accomplishment than a tangible item.

2013 will be the year of accomplishment.


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