Skin care advice given to me by a celebrity at the airport

Skin Care
Two hours before my flight, all I'm thinking about is how great it's gonna be when I get past airport security and finally get a chance to sit down. I scan the crowd in line and notice a woman wearing an olive green velour track suit.  It wasn't until I caught a glimpse of her profile that I realized that standing ahead of me was 1/3 of the greatest female R&B group of all time.

I quickly begin to maneuver through the line to get as close to her as possible.  Soon I found myself one person behind her.  I was beyond excited to be standing only a couple of feet from Chilli of TLC so I can examine her flawlessness with my own two eyes.   

Just by observation, I could tell that she is extremely friendly. She chatted it up with several TSA agents and took random pics with fans who recognized her.  That's when I knew it was ok to approach her and ask the important questions.  I needed to hear it from her mouth what she does to maintain her gorgeous skin.  Her skin can only be described at flawless.  It's a beautiful reddish brown tone with absolutely no sign of imperfection.  In fact, it appears as if her skin has never known a flaw in its 43 years of existence. 

Chilli was extremely approachable which made it easy to muster up the nerve to speak with her.  Immediately I complimented her and asked if she would share any tips that create her glow.  After thanking me for the compliment, Chilli stated that she uses (and endorses) a product line called Derm Exclusive. She made sure to mention that she did not use their fill and freeze wrinkle fighting product because, in her words, "praise God, I don't have any wrinkles!"  She even appeared in one of their informercials promoting the brand.  

As the line moved along, we had to cut our conversation short but before leaving Chilli reminded me that "it's all about exfoliation."  Quickly I asked if she was referring to chemical peels.  Her response that chemical peels were harsh on the skin so I assume she meant regular use of facial scrubs as a part of her routine.  Her message brought me back to the importance of regular exfoliation.  It helps with scarring, can improve acne, reduce wrinkles, and give the skin an overall glowing appearance.  

I've decided to go back to my previous routine where I exfoliated several times a week using my Fresh Sugar Face Polish (which is amazing by the way).  And recently brought my Riiviva microdermabrasion system back into rotation and have noticed an improvement of my overall skin tone and scarring.  Chilli's advice reminded me never to stop exfoliating even when we see improvements in our skin.  The habit should be lifelong so by the time we're in our forties, we too are thankful for a flawless face free of wrinkles.  


  1. Such a lovely post I remember meeting a celeb and I thought exactly the same. I wanted to ask how often would you recommend exfoliating during the week?

  2. I was channel surfing just now, and saw "Derm Exclusive" on this Uverse channel called BuyIt, and I thought, hmmm I wonder if that was the same brand, and as soon as I click on it, she popped up.

  3. I thought the cod liver oil cleared yoyr skin?

  4. Hi Anon,
    I'm happy to say that cystic acne is no longer a concern for me. I do still have scarring because the issue was really bad. Exfoliation has helped that a lot.

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