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Deep Conditioning
This post is to commemorate the return of on my favorite hair products all time.  It was one of my staples for the longest but somehow, I made the mistake of not purchasing a replacement when I ran out a while back.  I think it may have something to do with stumbling upon Keraste's Nutri Thermique mask.  Which took over Keracare's spot as my main hydrating conditioner.

Although I love Kerastase with all of my heart, it should have never taken the place of Keracare Humecto.  So, to make up for lost time, I decided to go all out and invest in the 5lb tub.  Yeah, it's pricey but compared to Kerastase, it's a steal.  Not to mention how much product I get to enjoy for $50.00.  Humecto is one of those conditioners that my hair never seemed to get tired of so I predict that I'll be scrapping the bottom of the tub in the near future.
Yesterday, I got to crack that baby open and take it for a spin.  The conditioner's scent instantly took me back to a simpler time.  I didn't have much knowledge about special ingredients, I just knew well how my hair responded with each use.  In typical fashion, I blended a small amount of Pure Protein into small batch of Humecto, mixed with a Sprush, and began the application.  The creamy, moist texture practically melted into my hair.

Once saturated, I misted with coconut oil spray to further seal in the moisture, then sat under the steamer.  Forty minutes later, I jumped into the shower for a final rinse.  Seriously, my hair was so buttery & soft, I could barely contain myself.  My hair hadn't felt this conditioned in a very long time.  Perhaps it was the combination of having clarified, then steaming in a yummy conditioner with oil.  Whatever it was, it was magical.
A day later, my hair is happy and ultra-moisturized.  Humecto + the washday L.C.O method are the perfect combination.  Detangling was a non-issue and my hair still carries the scent of Humecto which I love.  Now that Humecto is back in my life for good, I'm seriously considering picking up Keracare Hydrating Detangling shampoo since I've just run out of WEN's Honey Fig.  I think the shampoo/conditioner combination could be absolutely amazing.


  1. Do you find that when you have larger tubs of conditioner you tend to use more product? I noticed that myself.

  2. Joi, that's probably true. I found myself being a bit more liberal in application. I like the feeling of being able to saturate the hair with conditioner.


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