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In less than three weeks, spring will be upon us.  Although I dressed for  the cooler weather, yesterday happened to be one of those unseasonable warm days that served as a stark reminder that warm weather is coming.  Immediately, I reflected on the change in wardrobe and quickly devised a strategy for the months ahead.

In keeping with my promise to create a signature style, I decided to start with what's easiest.  If it wasn't simple, I wouldn't carry it out.  For me, the simplest style choice is wearing a dress.  You just slip it on, find matching shoes and you're done.  Dresses also set you apart from the crowd, surrounding you with vibes of being an international woman of mystery.  Donning a dress is definitely something I want to experiment with on a regular this spring.

But also on my agenda, is mastering the art of wearing basics.  I own a handful of tees.  But they're the kind of t-shirts you get for signing up for 5k runs or are given to you as a gift when a family member comes back from vacation.  None of them are what I would call stylish.

But all of that is about to change.  I'm chucking all of the faded, oversized t-shirts and replacing them them with quality, stylish tees.  You know what's so great about a well fitted tee?  It's like a blank slate upon which to create your masterpiece.  Tees can easily compliment your favorite shredded jeans or A line skirt.  Like a dress, the tee allows you incredible amounts of styling options.   Your outerwear now becomes the focus and possibilities are limitless.
A well fitted tee is also timeless, which means spending less money on trendy pieces.  It pains me to look into my closet and see various peplums and other tops reminiscent of obsolete trends.  My closet isn't big enough to hold ruffled blouses and such.  It's all about keeping things stylish and simple.

Oh, and I found the perfect accessory to pair with my basic tees.  That'll be our next topic.


  1. Cool! Which one did you finally get?

  2. Hi :) I would like to say that I love your blog. Its very inspiring and allows me to remember I have to take care of myself, think positive, etc. I check your blog everyday girl! Keep it up the amazing work!


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