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I don't know about you but it's pretty warm in my neck of the woods.  Feels like we went from winter to summer in the blink of an eye.  I'm quite sad because this winter, I had the most fun in adding a few really cute jackets to my collection.  The right outwear is pretty much the easiest way to transform an simple tee and jeans into a stylish and complete outfit.

Typically, warmer weather means no to outerwear, but I refuse to give into that notion and I'm determined to find pieces appropriate for warmer weather.  Here's what I'm inspired by.
One thing I'd like to do differently this spring/summer is to experiment with vests.  This leather vest is pretty flawless and takes her jeans and tee to the next level.  Last year, I wore my demin vest pretty much daily.  This summer, I'm adding a few additional vest to create more variety.
I'm also inspired by the idea of rocking your winter jackets around the waist as an accessory to your spring look. 
Will be on the lookout of lighter versions of my favorite winter coats.  The more lightweight the better.
I love the idea of wearing long sleeve shirts as outerwear. Demin shirts are the most obvious choice but we can also get creative with printed/patterned shirts layered casually over solid, basic tops.


  1. I wish the seasons changed as quickly here in Michigan lol. It's still soo cold here! I'm dying for some warm weather so I can sport cute looks like the first one. That vest is too cute!

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