5 Healthy Skin Boosters for your DYI Facial Mist.

I'm completely enjoying the warmer weather but each day that passes, means we're one day closer to summer.  Last summer, I stumbled upon a major beauty essential.  I kept a bottle of Evian Facial Spray with me at all times.  Then, an Instagram Beauty Secrets post introduced me to Chanel's Hydra Beauty's Essence Mist.  What lured me the most about this product is how many yummy ingredients it has.  I mean, who wouldn't want to mist themselves with ingredients such as camellia flower extract, vitamin E, & hyaluronic acid and other moisture boosters?

On one trip to the mall, I dipped into Neiman Marcus and tested Chanel's Hydra Mist for myself.  Long after the water absorbed into my skin, the feeling of moisture remained on the skin.  Although I loved the product, I couldn't convince myself to invest $90.00 into a 1.7 ounce bottle.  Maybe in the future but, for now, I've decided do a little experimenting with adding various boosters to my DIY facial spray.  

So far I have a ideas in mind.

First on the list is rosewater.  Can you imagine how decadent it would feel to experience the aromatic fragrance of roses each time you mist your face?  Rosewater soothes the skin.  It also contains antioxidants, and vitamins A& C,  which is great from the skin.  Another reason to add rose water to my spray mister is for it's astringent and anti inflammatory properties, which will help keep acne at bay.

The skin is it's happiest when it's slightly acidic so I'm inclined to add a few ingredients to lower the pH of the facial spray.  On top of my list is coconut vinegar, which has taken the place of ACV in my regimen.  If I go too many days without using a low pH toner, my skin suffers a dermatitis outbreak.  The acidity keeps my skin at it's healthiest so lowering the pH of this facial mist is a must.  I'll just make sure to keep my eyes shut, when I mist, to avoid getting any mishaps.  

Next on the list of facial spray boosters is powdered MSM.  MSM is sometimes called the beauty mineral because of it's sulfur content.  I read a post where a girl raved that applying MSM cream on her face every day filled in (and faded) her deep acne scars. So it's an absolute must.   
Lastly, I'm considering adding a little powdered vitamin C to transform my facial mist into a mild version of a  vitamin C serum.  Vitamin C on the skin can have major anti aging properties.   Some vitamin C serums can get very pricey but why spend all that money when you can make some at home for yourself? 

Oh, one more.  I think this time around I may use acid water as a base.  If you've never heard of acid water before, it's basically the opposite of alkaline water.  This water has a low pH and is known as beauty water. Why? Because our hair and skin both prefer slightly acid environments and respond well to acid water.  Acid water, and all of the other skin healthy ingredients will make this the ultimate in facial mists.  Oh, and rosewater, MSM, coconut vinegar are also good for the hair, so it easily doubles as a hair moisturizing mist as well. 

First things first, I'm off to get smaller size aluminum bottles which are more portable.  It'll also allow me to take make smaller batches.  Once that's settled, I'll start formulating.  Can't wait to get started.


  1. oh my gosh, I was so excited about the Chanel water but totally scoffed at the price tag... nope! I use the Caudalie Grape Water and love it. Your concoction sounds pretty good.

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