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With spring being just around the corner, I thought it would be good idea to do a quick trim of my ends.  Just a simple dusting, I thought, to freshen up my hair in preparation of a new season.  But with every snip, I found myself fighting back the urge to create thick, blunt ends landing at just past my shoulders.  
I know the purpose of a hair journey is to reach new lengths and retain every inch possible.  Shoulder length is supposed to be just a milestone to reached on the way brastrap or mid-back.  But, now I'm starting to rethink how I look at shoulder length.  It's such a flirty hair style that pretty much looks amazing on anyone, especially if you've got well maintained ends.  Shoulder length just so easy and care free.  Rub in a little light oil for shine and you're ready to head out.

If you're currently at shoulder length, take some time to enjoy this wonderful time in your hair journey.  Experiment with parting your hair in different ways.  Try wearing it straight, wavy, curly.  Trim a 1/4 inch off to thicken those ends and rock your shoulder length hair proudly.


  1. How is this wavy style achieved?

  2. I love these styles. Now I'm toying with the idea of going to shoulder length. I'm currently bra-strap length. Who is the young lady in the first and fourth pics? I love her hair! Definitely my new shoulder length inspiration.

  3. THIS! I am coming to the end of my stretch this week and have been seriously contemplating chopping off 3-4 inches to go back to shoulder length! I want a long-bob so bad, BUT I'm worried I will regret it. These pics are just enticing me even more.

  4. As someone who is scissor-happy I would not recommend cutting your hair back to SL, yes the styles are cute, but I enjoy them for awhile and then the hype wears off. They are undeniably healthy-looking and full.


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