First Impressions | Cure Aqua Gel Exfoliator

Immediately after publishing the latest Instagram Beauty Secrets compilation, I  headed over to Amazon and proceeded to place an order for Cure Aqua Gel and an extra hard Salux cloth.  Within days, the product arrived and minutes later, I tried it for the first time.
Let's talk about my first couple experiences with Cure.  I grabbed the bottle and turned it around for instructions.  Unfortunately, all the text is in Japanese so I had no idea how to use.  "No worries, I thought,  I've seen 1-2 Youtube videos, let's just give it a try."  I pumped a small amount into my hands and rubbed it on "dirty skin."  By dirty skin, I mean that it was early evening and I hadn't cleansed since the A.M.  I reflected back to the Youtube tutorial where the girl rubbed her skin shortly after application. She mentioned that the "little white balls" that form as she massaged the product represented the dead skin cells being lifted on the face.

Suuure....I thought.  That seemed like a marketing ploy.  Kinda like how toothpaste manufactures added a minty flavor to make us think our teeth were cleaner after washing.  It seemed very unlikely, to me, that the skin cells would lift so quickly without hardly any effort.  Especially a product that his comprised of mostly water.  This is the reason why I used it on dirty skin.  If there was actually lifting of surface level skin, dirt, etc. I would be better able to assess based on the appearance of those little white balls.

The gel looks like your typical cream cleanser.  It kinda reminded of Fresh Soy Cleanser. Once I pumped it, I immediately realized that the consistency is not creamy at all, it's pretty watery.  Be careful not to pump too much or you might create waste.  I rubbed the watery gel on my face and had no idea what do to next. "Do I let it sit or do I rub it off right now?"  Moments later, I started rubbing.  The little balls began to form.  Instead of white little balls, mine were the color on the BB Creme that I applied hours before.

Instantly, I raised my level of belief in this product.  Without hardly any effort, dirt, oil (and skin?) was being lifted off my face. It was wonderful.  Later on that day, I noticed an increase in oil production in my cheek area.  This typically happens to me after a deep exfoliation.  All the dead skin that was blocking the oil from reaching the skin surface was no longer there.

The next day I used it again.  As part of my experiment, I avoided using the Clarisonic because I wanted to make sure the results were pure.  Once again, I my balls were cloudy and dark in color. It turns out that I wasn't following instructions which state that we should cleanse prior to use.  I litterally didn't use any cleanser between uses.  I really wanted to see what this product could do on it's own.  And yes, even though I did no "real" exfolilating with the Clarisonic, I still experienced soft, smooth skin.

When I finally read the instructions, I decided to cleanse using my Clarisonic and use Cure afterwards.  By the time I rinsed, I could instantly tell that I wouldn't need another session with Cure. The first two experiences, combined with the high powered action of the Clarisonic, made my skin baby soft and ultra smooth.  I'm really happy with the results.  The only thing I noted which could be a negative is that my skin felt a little dry after the Clarisonic.  I wonder if my skin got used to the gentle exfoliation and was caught off guard by intensity of the scrubbing brush.

Either way, I'm giving my stamp of approval on Cure Aqual Gel.  This product is perfect for those of you who read all my posts on exfoliation and think, "but Nadege, my skin is sensitive to all that scrubbing....I can't hang"  Cure does all the work for you and leaves your skin in tact.  Plus, you get a pretty decent size product.  When means,  there's enough product to use on my neck and shoulders prior to jumping in the shower.   Everyone should try this product because it's so different than anything else you currently have.  Your current exfoliators are either abrasive or they burn your skin. This one does none of that and it's still very effective.


  1. I recently heard of a new product that exfoliates similar to this method. It's a bit expensive but I was going to give it a try. Now I will compare prices with this! Thanks for the first impressions!

    Love the blog!

  2. Nadege, glad you love "Cure". I have been using it for years and it is wonderful. I can only use it once a twice a week because as it exfoliates really well.

  3. Finally received my bottle this morning and I immediately used it. Love it! I can tell the difference my skin is brighter my acne scars seem more pronounced but I am hoping over time they will start to fade. Thank you thank you thank you for this post :)


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