Enjoying Life | Conquering your bucket list

My workout sessions with the personal trainer are coming to an end.  Not only am I fitter, I also learned a lot about myself as a result of the experience.  What's most exciting, about the ordeal, is that I got to experience a small part of my life's bucket list.

Now I have the taste for more.  To experience the "luxuries" I thought were only possible if I reached a certain financial status.  But since my time with the trainer was so rewarding,  I now desire to carry out other items on the wish list.
If I could design my life, luxury experiences like facials, massages, personal training, amazing dinners, weekend getaways,  etc, would be common place.  But I've held the belief that I'm not financially capable of enjoying these experiences on the regular so I've put them on the back burner hoping that one day I'd be in a position to make them a reality.  But a wise man (my dad) once said to me, "your life is like your home, you choose where everything goes. If you don't like where the couch is positioned, then move it.  If you don't like something about your life, then change it."

By saying yes, I got to experience working with a wonderful trainer who challenges me in ways that  benefited me tremendously.  Now, I'm ready to conquer the next thing on my bucket list.  In my mental fantasies, I live a life where I enjoy weekly massages.  Not just for the sake of getting massages, but also for the benefits.  Areas of stress would be released.  That hour of relaxation would take away months of tension build up.  Full body massage is an excellent way to increase circulation and clear out the lymphatic system.  It stimulates a full body detox.  A study was done on participants who received massages 1-2 times a week vs. those who didn't.  Not only did the stress hormone (cortisol) decrease,  those who received weekly massages also enjoyed a boost to their immune system.

There's a professional beauty school, on the other side of town, that offers a great price on the purchase of a series of massages.  They use high quality botanical products and take great measures to create a truly relaxing experience.  This week, I'm gonna treat myself to a four session package as a reward for reaching a milestone in February.  And in doing so, I will be chipping away at a limiting belief that I have to reach a certain status in order to enjoy weekly massages.  Then, maybe in April, I book a series of facial treatments as well.

The goal is to remain in a constant state of creation and not to put things on a someday list that can actually happen right now.  It's all about choice.

Life happens once.  Sometimes we make choices that create a life that looks very different from the life we say we want.  This year, it's about being intentional and taking small steps to paint that exact picture I have in my mind.


  1. I really like this post, but often i feel like i sacrifice things i want to do for things i "ought" to do. For instance, i want to buy new clothes for myself (my wardrobe is seriously lacking!) but i feel like i "ought" to save that money for Traveling or life after graduation. Treating yourself toy the things on your wishlist can be hard!

  2. Hello!! I was just thinking the same thing! Live in the now and do what makes you happy.


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