Tea Time.

A few weeks back, I found my way to one of the last remaining book stores in my city.  With a stack of magazines in hand, I headed to small in house coffee shop and ordered the smallest size chai tea on the menu.  The cup of warm tea set me back several dollars but I was grateful for the experience.  There are few things I love more than a cup of chai tea.......well except for bamboo tea.

So I made a decision that will change the course of my life forever!  I headed over to Amazon to see if I could purchase my own set of plastic "coffee shop" cups.  My intention was to replicate the euphoric experience in the comfort of my home.
A few days later I received the stack of cups. Within minutes, I was brewing a large batch of chai-bamboo tea.  Just one or two bamboo tea bags was sufficient to produce a full half gallon of tea. The chai is a blend I purchased from Tevana. The Once done, I placed the half gallon glass mason jar in the fridge to chill while I conjured up the many ways I'd use this cute little cups.
It's been a few days since my discovery and I've consumed well over a gallon of tea. I keep a full cup in my office, next to my water bottle.  When I've got to hit the road for errands, my nifty cup of tea comes along with me.  With every sip, I relish in how much money I'm saving by brewing large batches while avoiding the coffee shops.  I'm also enjoying strong nails and thick new growth, thanks to the silica content of the bamboo tea.  Since the bamboo tea is so mild, I only really taste the spicy chai flavors,while reaping all of the beauty benefits.
But I'm not stopping with tea, these cups are perfect for making smoothies on the go.  In the past, I'd use small plastic mason jars for smoothies but when I'm out and about, the empty jar would sit in my car and get all yucky.  That's why I love the convenience of these disposable cups. I love them so much that I'm headed back to get the larger size.

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