Eternal Youth | Cryotherapy Beauty Treatment

It wasn't that long ago that we we talking about cold showers for all of its amazing beauty benefits.  Now we're taking things to the next level.  Last week, I accidentally stumbled upon two separate instances where the topic of cryotherapy came up. Whenever that happens, I believe it's a message sent directly to me for a reason.

So I started looking more into cryotherapy. The more I learned, the more I wanted needed to experience it.  What is cryotherapy?  Basically, you're exposed to extremely low temperatures (well below -100 degrees) for 2-3 minutes.  All the blood rushes to your organs for protection. Your blood then becomes concentrated to a relatively small area.  As you breathe in, all of the oxygen reaches the blood that's concentrated around your vital organs. This causes the blood to become very RICH IN OXYGEN.  Then, you step out of the chamber, and all of that oxygen rich blood immediately rushes throughout the body to bring your body temperature back to normal.

During that re-warming process, toxins are flushed out, nutrients are delivered more efficiently and anti-inflammatory proteins are released throughout the body.  Red blood cells flood the surface of the skin, which can have wonderful benefits to healing scars.   Metabolism rises as the body works diligently to bring temps back to normal.  In fact, one short cryotherapy session can burn as much as 600-800 calories per session.

Cryotherapy is also excellent for pain management and reducing inflammation.  Athletes have been taking ice baths to address pain and injury for years.   Cryotherapy offers a more comfortable alternative to ice baths because it uses nitrogen gas instead of ice cold water.  When the skin is wet, the experience is way more uncomfortable.  I've watched videos of people in cryotherapy chambers and they seem to endure it pretty well considering the sub freezing temps.

Then I learned of the beauty benefits.  I mean....I already knew of some of the benefits from my experience with cold showers but this takes it to the max.  Cryotherapy claims to help reduce cellulite and increase the production of collagen.  I checked out a local cryotherapy center in my city and their website also boasts of healthier hair and nail growth.  No explanation was provided but I imagine the increase of nutrient rich blood to the extremities can stimulate healthy growth.   The prices seem pretty reasonable. The more sessions you purchase, the cheaper they are.  Cryotherapy is good stuff and serious anti-aging connoisseurs like Demi Moore are already hip to this eternal youth secret.

I can not wait to try this for myself! But for now, I'll take cold showers as practice for the big day.


  1. Lovely article!

    Hey Nadege, did you know that there is an eye clinic in Barcelona that can change eye colors? Could you write an article about it and your thoughts?

  2. Hi Violet,
    I've actually learned of a procedure that whitens the whites of the eyes. Still looking for a natural alternative.

  3. I would follow you anywhere, I really would. BUT this... I'll let you go first definitely. I'm curious, but cautious. Can't wait to hear more, and I'll do a google search as well. I guess when I think of cryotherapy I think of ward removal (from my time working in a womens clinic).


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