Instagram Beauty Secrets Part 6

It's time once again for another Instagram Beauty Secret round-up.  For those of you who aren't family with past Instagram Beauty posts, this is basically where I stalk various instagram accounts in hopes of finding golden nuggets that I can incorporate into my own beauty routine.   In past posts, I discovered gems such as GlamGlow, Capriclear, MAC's Spiked Pencil and many more.  Round 6 will not disappoint. 
First up are a couple finds from model Natasha who is know on Instagram for sharing fashion related posts.  When she gives us a glimpse of her facial beauty products, it's a real treat.  In the top pic, she's presenting Cure Aqua Gel and MALIN + GOETZ.  I've never heard of either brand so I had to do a little research.  Cure Aqua Gel is actually a water based exfoliating cleanser with natural ingredients.  According to their Amazon description, one bottle of Cure Gel is sold every 12 seconds in Japan.  The reviews are phenomenal. And you all know about how we feel about exfoliation around these parts.   Apparently, Cure Aqua Gel is so effective that you can actually see the dead skin cells lift as you massage the product into your skin.  But, they also claim that this is one of the most gentle exfoliators available.  Everyone talks about how good your skin looks after using.  

So yeah. I HAVE to try this. I'm going to experiment with this as a body exfoliator as well.  Can't wait.

The other product she's holding is MALIN + GOETZ grapefruit cleanser.  This too has solid reviews although it doesn't appear to be a cult classic like The Cure Gel.  As the weather shifts, I'm drawn to refreshing citrus scents and a grapefruit cleanser sounds yummy.  MALIN +GOETZ  boasts of brightening and clarifying properties. It's also microbial and great for removing makeup without stripping the skin or over drying.  This cleanser would be great as the weather heats up to manage the effects of excessive oil production. 

She's also trying out Rodial products which we've seen in a past Instagram Secrets post.  Natasha will be trying the Rodial products out and sharing her results.  Can't wait to find out her thoughts. 
I love this next Instagram Beauty Secret because it's not really a secret for us.  We've been known about Fermented Cod Liver Oil.  But it's nice to get confirmation about how it's benefiting others.  Mymanicuredmama posted this caption when she shared a image of herself and her favorite beauty secret:

"I NEVER get breakouts anymore!!! Not even hormonal breakouts.  There are several things I've done to improve my skin.  FERMENTED COD LIVER OIL is 1 of my skin secrets...."
Like  Manicuredmama, I too experienced a huge difference in breakouts once Fermented Cod Liver came into my life.  All that natural vitamin A combined with unprocessed omega 3 does the skin good.

Instagrammer @Osalovely finally reveals the secret to her flawless skin when she shares this message with her followers:

"I get asked a lot about my skin regimen (in public & online).   #1-Genetics #2-Mandelic acid 15% and glycolic acid 15% chemical peels together for a total of 30% .  There ya go!  You can have skin like a star with no [Photo]shop.  
While I do agree that genetics plays a role in great looking skin, there's a lot to be said about someone who was given great skin, yet still chooses to take the steps necessary to create flawless skin.  That should be a lesson to all of us.

Shout out to Jasmin for tagging me when "Basket Ball Wife" Evelyn Lozada revealed the products that keep her hair strong and healthy.  I LIVE for Instagram reveals like this.  Immediately, my eyes landed on the large size Nioxin bottles.  Years back, Nioxin was a staple.  Scalp Therapy was a little expensive but so worth it (especially if you have scalp issues).  I'm really tempted to bring it back into rotation to address any sweat and other build up on the scalp once the weather heats up.

Another product of interest in Evelyn's regimen is the L'OREAL Absolut Cellular Mask which was once in my Amazon cart.  Aside from the stellar reviews, I was drawn to the Lactic Acid ingredient which could have a mild straightening/smoothing effect.  Evelyn's post has enticed me to finally give it a shot.
Another shout out goes to @officialawalolo for tagging me when Evelyn's daughter shared the secret to her flawless skin. Shaniece gives credit to YouthH20 and facials every 4 weeks.  This reminds of when we learned about how "Basketball Wife" Sundy Carter  attributed her amazing skin to regular facial appointments.

Looks like Shaniece likes to pamper herself with an at home facial in between visits to her esthetician.  The facial steamer she uses is solid choice.  I've had a couple table top steamers back in the day and loved them.  If you plan on investing in a steamer, skip the drug store brand and go for one of these.

Shaniece appears to be enjoying a full body steam session by exposing her neck and shoulders.  That's a great tip.  Who needs a fancy steam room when you've got a high powered steamer with an adjustable nozzle?  Sometimes, you can throw a towel over your head and multiply the amount of steam for an even greater experience.

Until next time ladies.  Oh, and if you ever come across a great hair or beauty secret reveal on instagram, be sure to tag me (@lifeasnadege).


  1. Another great edition of this segment, I am hoping over to Amazon to purchase. Thanks Girl

  2. Awesome !! Will definitely check these out

  3. Love these posts. Off to do some research.

  4. Ordered the Cure Aqua Gel. I'm 5 mos pregnant and was told by my derm to stop using my retin a. I used it during my first oops. but better safe than sorry. my skin has been looking horrible lately tho because everytime I break out it leaves a scar. Been exfoliating with my Neutrogena microderm. Using my clarisonic, drinking tons of water but skin still looks crappy and I have to be careful with what chemicals I use on my skin. hopefully this Cure gel gives me my skin back.

    also this pregnancy has given me horrible dark circles..know any way to get rid of those?

    can't wait until this baby is out lol. I glowed with my first which was a boy. This one is a girl so I guess it's true what they say about the girl stealing your beauty.

  5. just fyi. Malin & Goetz is a local NYC brand. if you're in NYC you can get it at any of there stores. if not in NY you can order direct from their website

  6. I'm a lurker finally surfacing, lol. But I would be careful of Nioxin. I used it years ago and it helped my hair to grow long fast.

    I purchased it recently and it broke my hair off. I was told they changed the formula.


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