The Wash Day L.C.O. Method to super charge moisture.

Deep Conditioning
Lately, I've been experimenting with washing more frequently.  Although I don't wash as frequently as I'd like, going through the wash day experience every 4-6 days has allowed me the opportunity to reflect on what needs to be improved.  After each wash I roller set.  Last wash day I used a spray bottle with water to refresh the sections prior to rolling.

The end result was less than ideal as my hair felt a little dryer than normal once I removed the rollers.  I quickly realized that using water only was a huge mistake. But, I was out of my moisturizing leave-ins and I was desperate.  After decided that I wasn't going to make the same mistake again, I quickly changed my strategy.
Normally, after removing the rollers, I immediately moisturize and sealed with Aveda Moisturizer and Gleau.  This time, I decided to try the L.C.O (liquid, cream, oil) method, but on a macro level.  You see, when I step out of the shower, my hair is already soaking wet.  Why not layer on moisturizer and oil right then?  That way the hair is protected from the manipulation taking place as I roller set.  That's exactly what I did.   While my hair was still wet from the rinse, I reached for Aveda Daily Moisturizer and began to apply liberally.  Then, I decided to revert back to an age old practice of applying moisturizing conditioner as a leave-in.  It had worked brilliantly for me in the past so I didn't hesitate.

After rubbing a little Kanechom Shea Butter into my strands, I reached for the Misto sprayer. The Misto is perfect because of it's ability to evenly distribute oil to the strands without making the hair greasy of weighed down.  I sprayed a little from both of my Mistos (one containing coconut oil, the other jojoba).  Once complete, I sat down to roller set.  The very first thing I noticed was how much slip my hair had.  I deep conditioned with Redken Extreme Mask which is great for having the sacred ingredient 18-MEA, but it offers little to no slip.

The wash day L.C.O gave me all the slip I needed to easily detangle.  It also helped me to retain moisture throughout the roller setting process which meant that I didn't need to re-mist.  My hope is that this also means that moisture will be easier to retain until next wash day.  This doesn't mean that I won't moisturize and seal during the week, but it does help better protect my hair while I'm sitting under the dryer on wash day.  The process left my hair soft and moisturized.  Since this is still part of my experiment, I'll play around with using different creamy moisturizers. Perhaps, I'll use a heat protection cream, like Ciment Thermique, to further protect my hair under the dryer.  Another option is to use a split end protection cream, like Nexxus Pro Mend Leave in to repair split ends and sealing it with oil.

There's lots of options but I like this idea of doing a mid-wash L.C.O to deeply seal in the moisture that already in the hair.  One thing I also noticed is that my hair has retained moisture very well, much more than normal.  Next wash, I'll clarify then do it all over again, this time focusing more on the ends.  I'm also excited about trying misting a little coconut oil prior to hoping under the steamer.  Perhaps the cuticle layer will open and better absorb the micro droplets of coconut oil.  Can't wait to try that.


  1. Hi there! I stumbled across your blog when I searched on IG for Kanechom products. I'm still waiting on my shipment to be delivered but this post caught my eye! I'm also one who leaves "rinse out" conditioners in as leave ins. Did you notice any build up at your next wash day? I think I may try this when mine comes in. Love your blog!

  2. Hi Cryss! Actually, I didn't experience much build up at all. But I have really thick hair so it can handle products pretty well. Plus I used a watery conditioner & leave in to make sure my hair could absorb it.


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