Try This// The 30 Day Feel Good Manifesting Process

We're entering the last month of the year. Ready to try an experiment?  This could be the experiment that could possibly change your life.  I make this bold claim because this exact process was able to change the life the man who faithfully practiced it. 

I tried an experiment that was very similar to this and achieved extraordinary results.  Now, I'm ready to do it again. This time, I'll be more consistent throughout the duration of the 30 days.  This guy's process was a bit more systematic than mine. As a result, he was able to manifest masterfully. 

If you're with me on trying out this 30-day Feel Good Manifestation challenge, here's exactly what we're going to do for the next 30 days.

First thing we're going to do is whip out our journal, or a piece of paper, and write down an extensive list of things that make us happy (both great and small).  This list will consist of every single thing that puts you in a positive frame of mind. 

I haven't written down my list yet, but when I did a quick mental rundown, some of the things that came up included:

  • Listening to my feel-good vibes music playlist
  • Walks in nature.
  • Enjoying warm cups of tea.
  • Having a clean, organized home.
  • Taking myself out to lunch at a restaurant I love.
  • Meeting friends for coffee/lunch.
  • Scrolling through images on my Pinterest manifestation board.
  • When I look my best.
  • Reviewing everything that I'm grateful for.
  • Spending time with family.
  • Finding new and interesting places to explore.
  • Taking a sensory enhancement bath.
  • Spending a few minutes in the sauna.
I'm going to keep building up the list until I have a minimum of 30 items listed.  Ideally, I'd love to have 60 or 90 feel-good items identified.  

Once you have all yours written down, here's what you're gonna do.....

You're going to grab a calendar that lays out the next 30 days.  On the calendar, you'll start to list out actions that you'll do on a daily basis to make you happy.  The goal of this exercise is to help you remember to incorporate activities into your daily life that raise your vibration.

Why is this important?

Because, according to the main principle of the LOA, we want to maintain the same frequency of that which we want to attract.  Typically, we want to manifest something because we think it will make us feel good.  So our goal is to feel good great first, and as a result, we should attract that which matches our vibrational energy.  

Let's say that one of the things you want to attract is greater financial abundance, your list of feel-good items should make you feel more abundant.  If you want to attract love, incorporate feel-good actions that make you feel loved.  But don't limit it to one type of emotion.  Mix it up so you can experience a wide range of feel-good vibes.  

The guy who developed this process took it one step further by writing himself a "thank-you" gratitude letter that detailed all of the amazing things that happened as a result of the manifestation process.  He wrote the letter in advance not knowing if these desires would actually come to pass.  Every single day, twice a day, he read the thank you letter in anticipation of what was to come.  Each time he read the letter, he made sure to evoke emotions that align directly with desires that he expressed gratitude for.

This letter included everything he wanted from launching a business with his friend, to losing weight to meeting the woman of his dreams.  Over the 60 days, he ended up losing more weight than initially desired, his best friend contacted him about a business idea, and one of his closest friends (the woman of his dreams) professed her feelings for him.    

One law of attraction teacher gave the perfect illustration for creating the emotion prior to achieving the experience.  He said that if someone knocked on your door to inform you that you won a sweepstakes, you'd instantly become overcome with positive emotions.  But, technically, you aren't a millionaire yet because the money hasn't been deposited into your bank account.  Does that stop you from becoming overly excited and feeling grateful? Nope.  Because you know that the money is coming.  

This, in essence, is what we're trying to replicate via this process.  We replicate the feeling of a life of love, abundance, freedom, and we'll attract those things into our reality.  

Who's ready to give this a try?

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  1. Thank you so much for this article! Last month, someone mentioned how I should make a list of my desires for 2019 (I've made lists before but they haven't really worked out). Your post goes into details about how to make them real. This is so timely! I'm grateful!


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