Be Inspired // The Visualization Process That Can Help You Manifest Your Life Long Dream.

One major factor that helped achieved goals in the past was visualization.  I was introduced to the concept of visualization after watching The Secret.  There's a brief moment in the movie where they ask you to see yourself driving your dream car....imagine your hands around the steering wheel, etc.

As I attempted to complete the exercise, I found myself struggling to create a clear image which left me frustrated.

That was a problem.

Because I couldn't fully immerse myself into the experience, I had a hard time engaging the power of visualization to help me manifest. Although visualizing didn't come naturally to me, I kept trying.  Eventually, I was decent enough to utilize mental images to help me realize intentions.  But, because visualizing still doesn't come naturally to me, I tend to utilize other LOA tactics instead.  Recently, I stumbled on a video that inspired me to become an avid visualizer once again.  The video features a woman who manifested her lifelong goal through the power of visualization. 

Let's dissect her visualization process so we can apply it for ourselves.
Ashanti Johnson is currently building her fitness empire.  Long before she quit her job, she dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur and realizing her goal to help others get fit.  In her TedX talk, Ashanti details her simple strategy of visualizing her way to success.

Here's what she did.....

Visualization Became a Daily Ritual
When I tried to build my visualization muscle, I realized that I had to do it consistently in order for the process to work.  The more I visualized, the clearer the images became.  At one point, I sat aside time to visualize twice a day as a daily practice.  Ashanti's strategy was similar.  Every morning, when she sipped on her cup of coffee, she would savor the experience by visualizing her ideal outcome.  By pairing her visualization time with her morning coffee, Ashanti created a system that would remind her to visualize on a very regular basis.

Another thing to note about Ashanti's habit was her long-term consistency.  Every single day, for an entire year, she would daydream about owning her very own fitness studio. This is extremely important because when we visualize something over and over and over again, it intensifies the experience.

Intense is the perfect word to describe the nature of her visualizations.

  1. 1.
    of extreme force, degree, or strength.

    "the job demands intense concentration"

  2. 2.
    having or showing strong feelings or opinions; extremely earnest or serious.

Ashanti's daily habit helped her to develop extremely strong powerful emotions around her vision.  These feelings became so extreme that she eventually made the decision to take the leap into her new reality.

In her TedX talk, Ashanti shares the benefits of benefits of visualizing.  The main benefit she discusses is how visualization acts as a powerful clarification tool.  Many of us have a hard time attracting because we aren't clear about what we want.  Many years ago, I attended a Law of Attraction meetup at a local library.  Once the meeting was over,  I started chit-chatting with a woman who seemed fully committed to using LOA to design her ideal life.  At one point in the conversation, she asked me what I wanted.  I then began to ramble on (while saying nothing of substance).  The woman then looked me straight in the eye and stated, "I don't think you are clear on what you want."  She was absolutely right.  I hadn't dedicated any time towards identifying what I wanted to experience in life.  Till this day, I sometimes find myself still coasting through my days without any clarity of my purpose for the day, week, month.  If I were to reflect daily on my ideal life, I would be able to move closer to that outcome on a daily basis.

The other main benefit to visualizing frequently is that it helps us to root out any fear associated with that vision.  When we visualize situations that don't align with our current reality, doubts begin to take over.  One of the most effective ways to work through the fear is by immersing yourself in your ideal vision--daily.  The clearer the image becomes, the easier it is to believe that the vision can actually become real.  This may sound silly, but eventually, your mental picture may feel more real than what you see with your own eyes.  That's probably why Ashanti was able to take the leap of faith even before everything lined up perfectly.   I remember feeling the same way before leaving the corporate world.  I couldn't spend another day living my old life, I absolutely had to experience life as I envisioned it.

Now it's time to hear that story from the woman herself.  If you haven't ever engaged in a visualization practice, I urge you to give it a shot.  Not only is it a feel-good experience, it's a powerful tool that can actually create real results in your life.

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