Living Collagen-- the Most Powerful Form of Collagen in Existence.

I've discussed my love for collagen here at length.  Ever since I learned of the existence of a product with the ability to help restore lost collagen, I was sold.  As the years passed, I learned more about how to best incorporate collagen into our regimen for maximum benefits.  My journey first began with finding high-quality collagen products.  Then I learned of collagen loading which involves making sure we consume enough collagen peptides to experience visible benefits.

I thought I knew everything possible about how to enhance my collagen regimen until recently.  While searching for natural energy supplements on Amazon, I found some product recommendations that have pretty much changed my life.
Amazon, in its perfect wisdom, suggested a line of products from a brand called Ancestral Supplements.  What immediately grabbed my attention was how this brand amassed thousands of reviews and maintained a nearly perfect 5-star rating for all of their product offerings.

That's unheard of. 

 This brand offers a wide range of supplements feature various organs from grass-fed bovine.  They operate under the principle that "like supports like" which means that if you consume a certain part of an animal, your body experiences benefits in similar places internally.  So, for example, consuming beef heart provides heart health benefits.  Those who purchase their beef brain supplements rave about benefits to their focus and mental clarity, etc.  

What really caught my attention was their "living collagen" supplements.  I own collagen from various brands but after reading their reviews, I needed to make a purchase.  Once my order was placed, I reached out to the owner of the brand because I had a pressing question that needed to be answered.

What the heck is "living collagen" and why is it so special?  Here's the detailed response he provided:
"As it relates to your question, modern-day commercial collagens are produced from hides, hooves, and horns that are otherwise inedible. As such, they are highly processed with high heat, degreasing agents and acids, and end up being far removed from anything resembling the ancestral "living" collagen that our DNA evolved with... these are the raw materials that our DNA still expects today to express healthy and vibrant joints, bones, cartilage, collagen, blood vessels and of course — skin, hair, and nails. 
Grass-Fed "Living" Collagen is produced from the cartilaginous parts from the innards of the animal (bovine) including the trachea and scapula. The processing you'll find here is simple enough... we use an all-natural protease enzyme to remove non-cartilage material, then we freeze-dry it. That's it! As such, our collagen retains ancestral properties in a whole-food matrix that are otherwise absent in the modern world."
Basically, he informed me that they utilize parts of the animal that contains the most collagen then they process it minimally so the final product is a very bioavailable (absorbable) form of collagen.

That's why they receive a flood of reviews like this:

My fiance has tried several other collagen supplements with mediocre results. She learned about bovine, cartilage-derived collagen and how the freeze-dried variety retains biological properties, including growth factors, that other "dead" collagens do not. Well, the verdict is in: after two months of continuous use, we are both believers. This product delivers notably better movement in joints, more elastic and less dry skin, improved hair volume, and nails that grow faster and stronger. We just bought a three month supply so that we don't run out!

My daughter's feet are very dry, sometime there are cracking too. I have a feeling something internally disagrees with her digestion in her gut. Moisture lotion & digestive enzyme have been used in the past; it helps the symptom but the dryness is still there. Just decided to try Ancestral collagen 2 per day for 2.5 months now. We chose collagen because of its known benefit: better skin, build muscle tone, better digestion, & prevent bone loss. Her feet are beautiful now! The cracking definitely disappears in the last two months, it hasn't returned. YEAH! The longest time her feet look good like this without using the moisturizer.

I'm almost done w my first bottle & ready t ok buy the 2nd. This product is expensive but it really works. I bought it for my skin, especially for my droopy eyelids & although they didn't just spring back like when I was 20 (I'll be 45 in September), they definitely look better. My face looks less sunken. And it has helped my stomach. I have IBS-D & it has helped in that area too. My hair has stopped falling out too. In fact, it's growing fast, like when I was younger. I see some improvement in my nails as well. I was looking into med spas to see what to do about my sagging skin, but after taking this, I stopped my research bc this did the trick-for now at least!
I can't wait to experience similar results as these folks.  I know that it could take a period of consistent use to experience the benefits so I'm just gonna be patient.  With some of their other products I've tried--brain, bone marrow, and liver, I noticed an almost immediate improvement in energy level, focus, and mental well-being.  My husband loves these products and I've noticed a HUGE jump in energy level when he started taking them regularly.  These supplements are a bit of an investment but each bottle comes with 180 capsules so it all works out.  I love taking supplements that provide a clear benefit that I notice almost immediately.  Next on my order list is their beef spleen which I heard is good for those who have low iron levels.  

Animal organ meets are some of the most nutrient-rich food sources that exist.  Unfortunately, most of us don't consume enough (or any at all).  Ancestral Supplements is the perfect way add these hard to find essential superfoods into our busy lifestyle. 

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