Try This Easy 3 Step Monthly Manifesting Routine


 I've noticed that a majority of my thoughts, lately, have been focused on things that I don't want instead of that which I wish to attract.  For instance, I find myself complaining a lot about the increase in prices thanks to inflation or fussing about the few pounds I've packed on over the winter.  Basically, my focus has been mainly on the aspects of reality that I'm not happy about.  

This isn't a good habit to practice because it takes my attention away from the act of manifesting....well actually, I'm still manifesting....but I'm manifesting more of what I don't want.  So the first order of business is to change my thought patterns and actions.   This sounds easy but it's harder than it seems.  Especially since our brain is always running on autopilot.  

But don't dispare because today, I'll be sharing with you an easy tip that I learned from TikTok.  

Ok so, I'm a big fan of Pinterest.  One of my favorite things to do is to save inspiring pictures I find while surfing the net.  While the images I save are nice to look at, they haven't really served as a manifestation tool....until now. 

At the start of 2022, I created a board that would serve as a digital Vision Board for the year.  I thought this was a super-neat idea until I stumbled upon an even better one.

A simple TikTok introduced me to the idea of creating monthly vision boards. 

While this may sound a bit over the top, it forces me to really drill down and think about what I'd like to create or experience over the next 30 or so days.  And each time I repeat this exercise, it helps me to hone in even more on what I wish to manifest.  

Twitter did this thing recently where they showcased the tweets of famous people, who tweeted what they wanted to achieve before they manifested fame.  There's a distinct level of boldness and certainty required to tweet one's future desires so confidently.  I think that confidence comes from developing a certain level of belief.   

One habit that a lot of "master manifesters" share is the practice of writing down their goals/intentions on a daily basis.  I could never get into that habit but I definitely can see myself spending a few minutes each day pinning vivid images of what I want to attract in my life.  Having to create a new board at the start of each month also helps to embed a certain level of consistency. 

"Outta sight, outta mind"

I'm going to add two additional steps to this process.  Once I've added enough pins, I'm taking a screenshot of my monthly vision board and setting it as my home & lock screen so I'm forced to look at it dozens of times per day.  

Lastly, I think I'll reinforce this habit by actually writing out intentions that correspond with the images that I deeply resonate with.  It's one thing to pin a picture of someone holding a key while standing in their new kitchen but writing down "I am excited to furnish my brand new city apartment" will help to further generate those feelings of experiencing that which you want to manifest. 

So....who's ready to try this?

Step 1:  Create Your Monthly Pinterest Board.

Step 2:  Screen Shot the Collage of Your Manifestation Board.

Step 3:  Write Out affirmations that Correspond with the Images.


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