Do you need direct heat to style relaxed hair?

Years ago, my hair routine consisted of washing, blow drying, then using a flat iron for sleek smooth styles. The entire process produced the sleek look for several days and I would have to flat iron my ends or roots periodically to help keep that fresh look going. The heat for me was a means to an end. The more heat I used, the better the style would look, then I would have to use more heat to maintain that look. I was living in a vicious cycle that was robbing me of healthy hair.

My mom, on the other hand, would religiously wash her hair every week and roller set her hair before drying. Her hair was always so beautiful, shiny, and healthy but I simply dismissed the process as way that "mature women" styled their hair. All my friends flat ironed so I wanted to flat iron. I gave up the dreaded flat iron after reading Wanakee's pamphlet on acheiving healthy hair. I was converted to the no-direct-heat lifestyle and I seeked a solution for my tresses.

Rollersetting was the key. Rollersetting allows us to eliminate direct heat, achieve bouncy hair, obtain shine, and retain moisture. Gals, these are the main keys to achieving healthy hair. Since starting to rollerset, years ago, I have not ever had to return to using a curling iron or a flat iron. Truth be told, learning to rollerset was not an easy process. In fact, if not done properly, the end result can be disastrous. Stay tuned, I will detail the steps of an awesome rollerset in my upcoming posts.

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