Nanokeratin, could this be the salvation for our relaxed hair?

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My husband's family reunion is over the July 4th weekend. After 3 months of stretching, I figured that a visit to the Dominican Salon would be just the thing to get me ready for my California adventure. Let me first start off by saying that I normally dread every trip I take to the salon. I actually begin having a minor panic attack over the thought of having some heavy handed, busy shampoo girl run a comb though my tangled hair. The reason why I have such apprehension about my salon visits is because no matter how much I prepare for the experience, I still end up losing a ton of hair in the process. I preteat, detangle, and oil my hair before trip but they still manage to leave half my head of hair on the floor between the comb out at the shampoo station and the rollerset. The good news is that I may have figured out how to minimize the amount of tangles I experience during the process. One of the joys of the wash and set, for me, is the heavenly scalp massage I receive as the stylist vigorously scrubs my hair. I normally just roll my eyes in the back of my head, sit back, and enjoy the experience. Yesterday, the tangles we so bad that I asked that the comb to be handed to me so I could attempt to undue the damage myself. As I worked through the massive tangles, I asked myself, "why doesn't my hair get this bad at home?" "why is this happening to me right now and how much hair will I have left when this is all over with?" The answer to my question became clear as day to me. The scalp massage! The way they massage the scalp is not condusive at all to tangle-free hair. When I massage my scalp at home, I take extra care not to cause or create tangles. Going forward, I will forgo my beloved scalp massages as a necessary sacrifice for the hair which I love so much. Although I have long thick hair, one area where my hair could definitely improve is in its strength. Whenever someone (usually a stylist) does my hair without using the utmost amount of care, I end up losing lots of hair in the process. For years stylists have told me that my hair is not in the greatest condition and that I needed the healing touch of their hands to nurse my hair back to health. Judging from the amount of hair on the floor, I would usually decide not to take them up on their offer. My alternative was to take care of my hair at home. This arrangement worked well for me for two reasons: 1. I actually like doing my own hair and I have the patience needed to avoid causing any damage. 2. I usually experience more growth when I do my own hair as opposed to when I go to the salon. So yesterday, the guy who did my hair (not my usual stylist) took a look at my hair and summoned an English speaking employee (the one who was responsible for the massacre of my hair that took place at the shampoo station) and asked that she interpret a message that he had for me. After listening to him speak in Spanish (in hopes of being able to miraculously understand what he was saying), I turned to my interpreter and waited eagerly for her explanation. She then proceeded to tell me that I needed have a special process done to my hair called Nanokeratin. Nanokeratin, she explained, would help make my hair stronger by adding keratin to the hair. Her English was not fluent enough to convey the message completely so I quickly looked for someone else who could do some justice to his message. A second stylist told me that for a minor cost of around $250.00, I could literally have keratin infused into my hair strands from a revolutionary system invented by scientists in Brazil. According to her, once my hair received this treatment, it would once again regain its natural strength along with shine and softness. I know that most of you are thrown off a bit by the price tag. I was thrown off by the fact that this is a new system created in Brazil (remember the Rio disaster of the 90's) If the claims of this product were actually true, $250.00 would only be a minor inconvenience for having a head of strong, soft, long, healthy, hair. I read somewhere online that unlike normal protein conditioners and treatments, the size of the keratin particles are so small that they literally bond to the weak and broken areas of the hair shaft. Normal protein particles are large and therefore lay on top of the hair which restrains the movement and ultimately causes that "protein hardness" that we all try to avoid. Here is some additional information that I obtained from their website: History The Tanagra Nanokeratin machine is made in Brazil. Dr Fausto Silva discovered the system whilst working for the Cancer Research Institute in Brazil, trying to find a cure for skin cancer. Using Tanagra Nano technology on his patients� arms he had so far been unsuccessful in curing their cancer but found that the hair on their arms was becoming stronger and healthier. It took 6 years to develop this find, into a product, which could be used on human hair. His company �TANAGRA� is now one of the biggest names in the hairdressing industry in Brazil for innovative products and services. The Tanagra Nanokeratin - Permanent Hair Repair System can be found in most salons throughout South America and is now available in many countries around the world, including Central America, USA, The Middle East, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia. How it works: Tanagra Nanokeratin is a revolutionary approach which uses the combination of keratin and nanotechnology to recover cuticle damage in the hair by replacing the hairs natural keratin lost through chemical and heat usage. This advanced state of the art system produces keratin nanomolecules turning them into a micro mist which is then brushed into the hair. Unlike traditional keratin sprays, the Tanagra Nanokeratin process reaches the flaws and fissures of strands avoiding the hyper conditioning and the feeling of dry hair. What is Keratin? Your hair structure is a combination of a complex natural protein called keratin, and moisture. In normal healthy hair, keratin accounts for approximately 90% of the structure and moisture the remaining 10%. Keratin is principally responsible for the hair’s strength and resistance to general wear, while moisture is mostly responsible for its elasticity, flexibility, softness and manageability. Unfortunately straighteners, colours, perms, blow drying, sun damage, pollution, pool chemicals and even everyday wear and tear like brushing can damage your hairs keratin and moisture levels. How do you know your hair is damaged? Well your hair will feel and look coarse, woolly and dull. If we look at our hair through a microscope you would see cracks, splits and craters in your hair strands. Now, with a breakthrough in advanced nanotechnology, scientists in Brazil have developed a brand new and permanent hair repair system that can ‘turn back the clock’ and restore your hair structure back to how nature intended it to be, soft, shiny and healthy. The state-of-the-art Tanagra NANOKERATIN system uses nanomolecular keratin, particles so small that you could get millions onto a pinhead! An incredibly fine and powerful penetrating mist inserts them into the damaged areas of the hair structure filling them completely. Then the nanomolecules are locked into the hair with another mist, forming permanent and insoluble keratin, just like natures’ own! The result is beautiful, soft and silky hair in superb condition with an incredible shine. The hair instantly becomes healthier and more manageable. The TANAGRA NANOKERATIN system quite literally puts life back into the hair! Repair is approximately 80% effective on the fi rst application, 90% on the second and 100% on the third application. The TANAGRA NANOKERATIN system uses the same keratin protein as would be found in your hair, but in its smallest possible size, which is then locked in to the hair structure for permanent repair. TANAGRA NANOKERATIN is quite simply the fastest, most technically advanced and efficient hair repair system in the world. All hair types benefit from this new technology, but the most dramatic results are seen in extremely damaged porous hair. Here is a lengthy youtube video produced by the company describing the process in detail. I am extremely excited about this technology but I am also a bit apprehensive about using "new technology" on my hair. If I do decided to shell out $250.00 dollars for this Nanokeratin treatment, you guys will be the first ones to know. By the way, the stylist said the process could take like three hours because they have to cover every strand with keratin molecules. I also read online that African American women who are natural do not benefit much from this treatment because the hair is already in a pretty healthy state naturally. Women with relaxed hair receive better results with this treatment. What do you guys think? Is it worth the money?


  1. Eek?! $250?? Well, I did spend nearly that much on the Pibbs... but I am paying for it by NOT going to the salons in between relaxers.

    Hmm... if you make the investment maybe you could give up something else of equal value?

  2. If it will lead to healthier hair for a long period of time, the price might be worth it. My hesitation stems from the fact that this is a new treatment. Has your stylist allowed you to talk to other clients that have had the treatment? That would be nice, right?

    Anyway, if you do chose to take this step, I wish you the best of luck. You have clearly done the research and it looks good. Please let us know how it goes if you take that plunge. =)

    Good luck!

  3. Hello...I'm in Idaho and the I found this info a few months ago about this treatment so in a few weeks I'm going up to Oregon to get my hair done (she's only charging $60) I just planned my vacation this year to go to the Oregon Coast so it's not like I'm traveling only for this. She's the closest person that I've found does this.

    I have really bad split ends, and I haven't dyed my hair in years, I rarely use irons, dryers, or even hairspray to avoid damaging more. All the damange is when I was young and dyed my hair all the time!

    I plan on taking before/after pictures. I will definately let you know how it goes!

  4. @ Coppergirl: Please let me know how it turns out. I am having second thoughts about the treatment. I'll be excited to hear from you.

  5. i have heard of it. Seems to be all the craze now.
    I had normal keratin rubbed into my hair by a stylist b4, and i must say it was looking extremely healthy.

  6. I am distributing and providing the treatment for the first time here in Canada. we have done close to 50 applications in my salon in the last 3 months and the results have been amazing. we are receiving an outstanding number of bookings due to word of mouth. we do the application for CAN$175 and also sell the system (in case you are a hairdresser). visit

  7. A cheaper option to this "nanokeratin" technology is simple protein treatments. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, which is basically what our hair and nails are made of. A great protein traetment that I use in my hair is Dudleys DRC 28 (you can find it at this link

    You can overprocess your hair with it, so I recommend you only use it once inbetween relaxers, like two weeks after a fresh relaxer has been applied. After washing my hair I apply it with a squirt bottle until my hair is completely covered. I put a shower cap on, and sit under the dryer for 20 minutes, and rinse thoroughly. The only thing I hate about it is how liquidy and runny it gets. When under the dryer you should put a towel around your neck because it will drip! You MUST deep condition after rinsing it out-- protein leaves your hair feeling very hard! I deep condition my hair, rinse, dry, then style.
    This product strengthens, rebuilds, and protects the hair great! But only if you use it correctly!

    Another good protein treatment is Redken's Extreme CAT treatment,and Redken's Extreme Rescue force. Both work great

    Kristyn O.

  8. I am loving my keratin treatments, I have gotten 3 so far and I don't get perms anymore. Why do both? My last one, I did myself with Liquid Keratin. It will do in the lean times or if you have somewhere to go and you want that shiny boost in between keratin treatments.

    I am loving your blog!!!!

  9. NO, but if you must, i agree with ms.s. Does it last FOREVER? I'm guessing after 3-4 relaxers the treatment will not be as potent, and you'll be right back to protein treatments. What they won't come up with.


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