Silicon Mix w/ Pearl Extract Review

Deep Conditioning

Saturdays have become the primary day I set aside for washing and setting my hair. This Saturday was a bit more exciting than the usual, for me, because earlier in the week, I stumbled upon a new product that I was dying to try. The product isn't exactly new, its actually a new formula from the makers of one of my favorite products, Silicon Mix.

While on a recent trip to Miami, I ventured upon a newly opened beauty supply store that I could not help but explore. The shelves were barely full but that didn't stop me from gingerly strolling down the aisles in hopes of finding a special treat for my hair. The first product that caught my attention was Salerm Deep Impact moisturizing deep action mask. If it weren't for the price tag of $22.00, that product would be in my grips right now. I walked away from, and back to, the product a few times before finally deciding that this purchase was not meant to be. Looking back, I am glad I did because I just found in on Amazon for $15.00!

After tearing myself away from the Salerm mask, I found the product which eventually became my reason for stopping into the store in the first place, Silicon Mix Fortifying Hair treatment enhanced with Pearl Extract. Though pearl extract is mainly used in skin care products because of its wonderful effects on the skin, the high amounts of proteins, amino acids, minerals and micronutrients, also make it a superb ingredient to include in a hair product. Without hesitation I snatched up the smaller of the two sizes available for purchase. Next I quickly mumbled a short prayer asking God to make this product available in my city if I needed to replenish my supply.

Once my hair was thoroughly washed, I quickly reached for my latest purchase and opened the jar. The first thing that struck me as I twisted the top is the color of the conditioner. Its a light blue (I guess that goes with the pearl theme...not sure). After getting over the weird color I was introduced to its strong scent. Please be aware that this product has an extremely strong scent. The scent isn't bad, it's a mix between Febreeze blue rain air freshener and mountain breeze scented candle. I'm sure the makers had the best intentions but this stuff is really strong. I washed my hair yesterday and as of right now my hair is still scented. I don't mind it much, I just want to make you very aware of that possible side effect. If you plan on trying this product, you want to make sure to open in the store to see if you like the scent.

The texture of the product was much thicker in consistency than the regular Silicon Mix. For some reason thicker conditioners make me feel like I am applying a more potent product to my hair. Once the conditioner was in I put on a plastic shower cap and wrapped a Turbie towel around the cap then headed to my hooded dryer for deep conditioning. Before washing the product out I carefully combed the conditioner through my hair with my newly purchased shower comb for a bigger impact.

Rinsing this product out was not at all like rinsing out the regular Silicon Mix. The regular Silicon Mix leaves my hair silky and soft with tons of slip. Not with this one, this one left my hair feeling o.k. but not like the original. During the rollerset is when I could tell that something was different with my hair. The hair felt strong and protected (all while smelling like a freshly mopped floor). Once I took out the rollers I could immediately see the impact of the product. My hair was shiny, healthy looking and had a silky feel to it. The my curls were more loose than normal but did not frizz up in this 100% humidity (a huge plus). I immediately tied my hair down with a scarf and proceeded to let my hair settle (the reason I tie my hair down after removing the rollers is because I do not normally use heat to finish the hair after a rollerset. I use the tension of the wrap to tame the hair thereby creating a sleeker look). My hair has been hidden for most of the day but I did take it down for a few moments to play with it a little. I am absolutely loving the results and can't wait to use my new heavily scented product again next week.

I definitely think that this is a good buy and would recommend to anyone who likes the Silicon Mix brand. I absolutely love the way my hair feels right now. Even if you don't like Silicon Mix, this product is different enough from the original to make you change your mind about the line.

Take a gander at my pictures taken a day after my wash and set.


  1. Ha! Last week, I went on a hunt for Silicon Mix... but when I got to the domincan bss, I got caught up in looking at all the products and ended up buying Sabila "Natural Aloe" Conditioner. I've used it twice and really like how it makes my hair feel.

    I'm going to use it once more before posting a review later this week on my blog.

    Now, I'm thinking... I should go back for the Silicon Mix with Pearl Extract!

    1. I love the silicon Pearl mix,it help my hair grow and also strong and healthy. I try all the silicone mix products,but I prefer the silicone Pearl. I also use the doo grow hit protection.

  2. Ms. S-Can't wait for the review. I bet the Aleo conditioner is really moisturizing.

  3. Your hair looks beautiful! I've been passing by the silicon mix for a while, but I may try it with pearl extract!

  4. Your hair looks really good in the post. I'm going to give it a try. Thanks for all the information. I don't relax my hair but use a good flat iron. Nice blog.

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  6. Yes, hair wash is very important. Need to clean/wash hair atleast twice a week.
    thanks for the article.

  7. Hair looks so beautiful. Thank you very much for the photo and the details.

  8. My friend is sending this to me with the bambu one, girl I hope I get good results like you did.

    Also your is beautiful and lovely sheen :) purty....,


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