I am so over airdrying (and Mane & Tail product review)

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Alrighty....as part of my winter hair care routine I decided to give air drying another chance. Well I'm here to tell you that I failed miserably. Not because the airdrying process itself was bad, but because there were certain obstacles that I just could not overcome. Over the course of my air drying journey, I was able to defeat the dryness and brittleness that once plagued my airdryed hair. I even felt hopeful once I found my beloved shea oil which kicked up my airdrying results to the next level. But alas, I was not willing to combat the most stubborn of my airdrying enemies- tangles!

Because of my deep seated fear of combing wet hair, I would constantly end up with a mass of stubborn tangles once my hair dried. Add to that the fact that I was nearly three months post my last relaxer. I had an inch or more of curly new growth that basically wrapped itself around other hairs when shed. Not to mention that fact that I was minimizing most of my combing action in an effort to avoid excessive breakage. Long story short, I found myself unknowingly creating dread locks while avoiding excessive manipulation.

Finally, while strolling down the aisle of my local Sally's beauty, I decided to ask for help. You see, I am the do it yourself kinda girl who normally avoids special aids and tools to get the job done. Under a normal frame of mind, I would have easily blocked out an hour or so to undergo the painstaking task of detangling my knots. But this time I was desperate. Before leaving the store , I asked one of the African American female employees for a recommendation on a good detangler. After thinking for a few moments, she used a lifeline and asked her AA female counterpart. I could hear their brains working as they desperately were searching for the answer. Finally, a Hispanic male, who overhead the conversation from the stock room, came to the rescue with his Mane and Tail recommendation.

"Of course! Mane and Tail," I thought to myself, they make pretty good quality products so I had no problem giving it a go.
I used this product on dry hair which had not received a thurough detangling in weeks! You could just imagine the pain I went through. The pain wasn't so much physical as it was mental. I kept thinking, about how much hair I would lose during the process. At any moment, I could have easily given up, whipped out the scissors and commenced to proceed with the big chop.

In all my frustration, a glimmer of hope came in the form of the Mane and Tail. That stuff loosened my shed hairs like nobody's business. I was extremely pleased to say the least. This product definitely receives my recommendation. What I appreciate most about this product is that I was able to get the job done with little casualties (breakage) to my hair. For those of you seeking a detangling aid (and I believe that we all should have one) Mane and Tail is for you.

(Muchas gracias Sally's guy!)


  1. I was just in the beauty supply this weekend. i have a thick head of luscious hair, with minimal breakage, but I still purchased a few products from the Apogee line.

  2. Excuse me, but you give hair care advice and you allowed your own hair turn into dreads? I thought everyone knew you cant let new growth air dry without detangling and moisturizing. Props to you however for even admitting that. I guess we all live and learn.

  3. Nice review, I'll remember this next time someone asks me about detanglers.

  4. @ Anon-You are absolutely right. I should have known better but I somehow thought I would be able to handle the tangle. Guess I was wrong. Lesson learned.

    @ Gigi-Girl enjoy that wonderful thick head of hair. If your hair is not in need to special protien treatments then keep doing what you are doing. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. I just completed a looooong stretch and ended up relaxing earlier than planned due to the tangles (breakage). Thanx 4 the review, I'll have to try that Mane & Tail next time.

  6. Nice...I always wanted to try this...I have their conditioner & shampoo. Did you spray on the detangler on wet hair after DC? Does it feel like buildup after? Weigh your hair down? Can I blowdry my hair afterwards as normal?

  7. @ Juana4ev- I first used the product on dry hair and it worked like a dream. Like you, I too was concerned with build up when I used it on freshly relaxed hair just a short time later. What I tried to do was mix some of it with my leave in in order to dilute its potency. What I found was that the diluted version worked fine is moderately tangled areas but I had to use it straight I used it straight when I got to some difficult to work with tangles.
    I rollerset my hair afterwards and the finished product was still silky light and bouncy. I use the product more as a spot treatment than an all over remedy and the results were great.

  8. I can so relate to this. The amount of breakage i had this year between stretching and failing to detangle/moisturize properly is ridiculous. T guess part of it goes back to the battle of trial and error to find the right products/combo. And hair stylists seem to think dealing with your roots with a fine-toothed comb is the answer. <_<

    if i do get around to buying it, hopefully i'll have similar success with the M&T. thanks for the review.


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