L'Oreal Hair Fixer review-part deux

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I apologize for the delay in updating everyone on my progress with L'Oreal Hair Fixer but my work life balance has been all screwed up lately. I first used Hair Fixer just before heading out of town for a week on a business trip. When I returned, everything was so backed up that I immediately hit the ground running to catch up with all the work I missed. Long story short, I allowed nearly two weeks to pass before I had a chance to nourish my tresses with a much needed wash and set.

When we last spoke, I vowed to stay true to the directions on the label and forgo conditioning my hair. Let me tell you that I was seriously thinking of renigging on my promise considering how long I went without a wash. Instead, I decided to put extra effort into my pre-poo in hopes of compensating for my conditioner-less wash. My intentions were to leave the conditioner and oil in my hair for a little longer than normal but instead, I went a full 24 hours before actually washing.

I washed my hair as normal but instead of conditioning, I prepared the Hair Fixer mix as instructed. When I used the product last wash, I poured the mix all over my hair trying desperately to distribute the liquid evenly throughout my hair. I didn't do an adequate job of distributing evenly so this time I was taking no chances. I decided to use the solution on every section of my hair as I detangled, just before I rolled the section. So essentially what I did was part each section, spray my leave-in, detangle, then add a couple of drop of the Hair Fixer to every section.

Once the hair dried, I noticed that my curls were more defined than normal. It was almost like I used a light setting lotion during the set. Next came my beloved shea oil which did a great job of adding a bit of moisture and shine to my freshly washed hair. All and all, I think my hair is just a bit more stiff then a normal wash and set. Don't get me wrong, my hair still has movement and feels silky to the touch. As a matter of fact, my husband came up to me and asked "why does your hair look to shiny?" By looking at my hair and touching it, you absolutely can not tell that I did not use conditioner during my last wash. I do think that my 24 hour pre-poo with a protein conditioner was overkill so next time I'll opt to use a moisturizing conditioner like a Suave cheapie conditioner

So, I'm still impressed with the results I'm experiencing with this product. With each application I am constantly looking on how I can improve on my overall experience. Every tweak and adjustment that I make in my use of this product will be documented...rest assured.

Until next time my friends, thanks for visiting and may all of your healthy hair wishes come true this holiday season.

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  1. I used this product years ago and forgot how good it was. I don't know why I ever stopped using it. I definitely need to revisit it.


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