Creating an easy to maintain style even at 11 months post relaxer

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Ever since I watched my first episode of MTVs Daddy's Girls starting Vanessa and Angela Simmons, I became immediately enamoured with the hairstyle of one of the friends of the Simmons girls, Alycia. I just love the easy, no hassle feel of this look. I'm not so much in love with the length as much as I'm diggin' the soft waves that cascade down ever so effortlessly.

Take a look at this style in living color.

I've spent the last several days trying to figure out how to execute this fabulous style. I asked myself a series of questions like "should I use flexirods or do two strand twists?" How do I maintain the softness and movement that Alycia has? Well I still don't have the answer to how to best recreate this look but, please believe me, I do plan on trying and trying until I've created a suitable replica. Once I do have the answer, I'll share with all of you. In the mean time, I came across a couple of updated youtube videos featuring LHCF all-star, Sylver.

She just posted a two-part video series on how she maintains her 11 month post-relaxer style with braidouts. Kudos to Sylver 'cause I don't know if I could ever possibly handle two texture types for so long. She does a wonderful job of managing all that fabulous hair of hers. Best of all, her finished product looks something like the style that Alycia rocks on the show.

Thanks for sharing Sylver


  1. bantu knot out=soft waves

  2. Bantu knots! Of course!!!

    Thanks Anon, I may have to try that and see how it works.

  3. I agree, that is a lovely low-maintenance style.

  4. Yeah Bantu knots will definitely get that pretty soft wave. That is such a pretty style.

  5. am i the only one that thinks thts a weave.

  6. you're welcome! :) let us know how they turn out=pics. lol


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