If I could have my dream hair, what would it be?

Healthy Hair
I'm at a good place right now. So far I've been able to successfully address issues that commonly plague relaxed heads. I hardly ever have to worry about dryness since I've introduced Hair One Conditioning Cleanser and Shea Butter Oil into my routine. As far as breakage, although I can not say that I've been able t to stop breakage dead in its tracks, I can say that L'Oreal Hair fixer has changed the strength levels of my hair tremendously.

Now that Zen Detox has come into my life, I'm at much better place. Now I'm looking ahead. My biggest focus with regards to healthy hair consist of three major accomplishments:


I'm sure I don't have to get into much detail around strength and moisture. Moisture to me means the ability of the hair to remain soft and pleasant to the touch even when exposed to the air. Moisture speaks to the hair's ability to stay moist long after your best products have been applied.

For me, hair with strength is powerful! Strength gives you the freedom to style the hair without fear of excessive loss. Strength leads to length. Strength gives you confidence. Strong hair is thick and luxurious. Without strength, our hair is nothing.

Suppleness is, for me, the epitome of healthy hair. Supple hair is both strong and moisturized. Supple hair flows in the wind and falls to your back when you remove your hair accessory. Supple hair shines. Supple hair makes you smile inside. Hair that is supple is unmistakable and widely coveted. Supple hair rocks!!!

So for me, the next challenge that I gladly face is the pursuit of achievement of supple (dare I say) relaxed hair.

I am fully aware that desire of mine is not unlike having the desire of slaying a vicious dragon. All the odds are stacked against me and I'm not supposed to win. But in the end I will fight, and I will fight hard. I know that my efforts will not be in vain because I am extremely focused and my determination is ruthless.

I only ask, my friends, that you are with me as I prepare for this battle. Do not feel any angst for me for I am tenacious.

Soft, supple hair is my end goal and I will fight with everything I have until the dragon is slayed or I'll die trying.....

Who's with me?!


  1. HA!!! This was so Beautifully Written. I feel compelled to join your battle. Your hair descriptions were without a doubt "remarkable"...I want supple hair now! You can and will do it girl! Fight with all your might.

  2. LOL! I think you will come out the victor!

  3. I'm with you dear! And I'm trying hard as well!


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