Use this method and take your affirmations to the next level


For a while now, I've tried to make a habit of including affirmations as part of my daily routine.  Sometimes I'm consistent, sometimes I'm not. Part of the issue is that I viewed the process of saying "positive" things to myself as a task.  The affirmations didn't feel real to me and, most often, I found it difficult to incorporate the "positive feelings" which are a vital part of the affirmation process.

Affirmations, for those who aren't familiar, are simply words that one repeats to themselves which are positive and "affirm" the things we want in our lives.  If we actually listen to the incessant rambling of our minds, one thing that stands out is the overwhelmingly negative nature of our thoughts.  When we recite affirmations, we are making a conscious choice to insert positive messages into our thought cycle.  The whole point of the process is so we can begin to think new thoughts, take on new actions, which will ultimately lead to new results (reality) that support the words we affirmed.

For me, affirmations have sorta been a "hit and miss".  Sometimes I achieve great results, sometimes I don't.  Like I said earlier, sometimes I would feel like it was just a task when I said words in front of the mirror, and once I did it, I was done for the day.

But then something happened.  Last week, before I started my day, I recited a simple affirmation.  "Today is better than I expected."  Then I headed to the airport.  What I decided to do differently this time is raise my awareness of things turned out better than I expected it do that day.  So when I timed my airport arrival at 5:30 am but I arrived at 5:15 am, I said to myself "better than I expected!"  When the rental car location ran out of compact cars and upgraded me for free to a mid size, I repeated "better than I expected!"    When I pulled up to a toll booth and realized I had no cash. I had to leave my car and run over to the booth with a person in it who gave me the I money needed, I thanked her and  gratefully said to myself "better than I expected!"  I could go on but I hope you get the picture I'm painting.

From that day, I realized how important it is to actually AFFIRM my affirmations as I see glimpses of them in real life.  If, early in the morning, I say to myself that "I am fully comfortable speaking to a group of people," every time I speak to a group, even a small group of three people during lunch break, I can affirm to myself, "I am comfortable speaking to a group of people."  If my morning affirmation is "I love eating healthy foods,"  then I affirm that again when I eat a tomato or an apple.  The point of the process isn't just about saying empty words in front of a mirror, but to make it real by acknowledging when you see glimpses of your affirmation occurring in your real life.  When you do, you are able to include one of the most powerful aspects of affirmations and attraction--the feelings.  They say that in order to attract powerfully, I need to feel the feelings of having already accomplished or received my desires.  This can be hard to do when I'm reciting words to a reflection of myself.  Once I began affirming my affirmations as they happened, suddenly I couldn't help but to feel good about what was manifesting in the moment.

Oh, and one more thing, part two of this process is to not affirm when your actions, or the events of the day, DO NOT align with your daily intention.  If you  affirmed that "I am in control of my emotions" then suddenly you find yourself wanting to throw the nearest object at your co-worker, don't keep repeating in your mind about how much you want to punch this person, instead find something you can affirm in the situation. Perhaps it's something like "I am in control of my emotions, I could have reacted by doing ABC, but instead I chose to XYZ."  I am in control of my emotions."  The less energy you give to something, the weaker it becomes.  By not affirming the results that don't align with what you want to create, you are allowing it to become weaker.

My desire is that this post helps some of you who would like to see your intentions begin to materialize.  Sometimes what we say we want starts to happen but we miss out on them because we focus so much on negative.  Try using this re-affirmation process throughout your day today and see what possibilities you create for yourself.


  1. This is actually really nice and I intend to try this. Thanks for this.

  2. Great post. I believe affirmations are great. We have more influence on our lives than we know.

  3. I have completely fallen off the affirmation bandwagon... And I have noticed that life has been a little challenging lately. Thank you for inspiring me to jump back on and see the positive in my daily life....

  4. One very valuable "trick" I learned to uplevel my affirmations was to add actions to my words e.g. if I am affirming that I want long healthy hair, I use an affirmation such as "I am grateful for my long healthy hair" and while saying it I can be gently moisturing the ends of my hair or checking my hair for split ends and snipping them away, but performing an action which synchronises with what I desire reaffirms that desire.

    The same goes for example with weight loss, while affirming "I am grateful for my strong, healthy body" I can be doing jumping jacks or dance to an upbeat tune or just move from left to right while saying it.

    By saying my affirmations with actions I have experienced many miracles in my life. Give it a try! ;)

  5. We have been talking about affirmations all week so this post was right on time!

  6. Great post, Love you style :-)


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