The best conditioner in the world for under $5.00! Trader Joe's Ultra Nourish Spa

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I've been basking in the amazing glow of having found deep conditioners that satisfy my every need.  Kanechom is giving me everything I've ever asked for in a conditioner.  To be honest with you, I thought it would be a very long while before I was buying another brand of conditioner again.

But I had to make an exception because this latest purchase has been on my mind and in my heart for several years.  For years I've heard of the wonders of this conditioner but have not been able to try it.  You see, I live in a part of the country where Trader Joe's doesn't exist.  I'm familiar with the grocery chain from my visits to California.  On many occassions I've heard rave reviews of a humble little conditioner offered by the brand.  Never have I been able to get my hands on it until this week.

Luckily for me, a Trader Joe's opened a couple of hours away.  I happened to be in that neck of the woods over the weekend so I had to make a stop.  Immediately I swooped up a bottle of the Ultra Nourish Spa & Tea Tree Tingle conditioners.  Briefly, I took a moment to read the ingredient label and was blown away by what I saw.  Lots of all natural goodness like rosemary oil, sea kelp, lavender, lemon grass and more.  The best part of it all was the teenie, tiny price tag.  Not sure why, but I decided to pick up only one bottle. Little did I know that I would be making the biggest mistake I've made in a while.

Fast forward two days later and there I was ready to put this conditioner up to the ultimate test.  Just several days prior, I was stricken with a bout of laziness and decided to air dry my  freshly hair in a bun.  I know for a fact that air drying my hair in a bun is the perfect recipe for massive dread like tangles.  Somehow, I managed to convince myself that this time would be different.  Yep, sure enough, a couple of days pass and my husband literally asks me if I know that my hair is dreading up in the back.  It was that serious.

So here is this cheapie store brand conditioner being asked to do the nearly impossible....salvage my hair from the mess I created.  I got started by trying to break apart the clumps of hair that were fused together. Then I applied ample Ultra Nourish Spa to each section.  I didn't condition with heat, I didn't add protein, oil, or any other booster. I didn't even leave it in that long. I just used the conditioner in its raw form as a co-wash. Can I just tell you how blown away I was by the performance of this product.  Slip like nobody's business and with the ability to moisturize like the best of them.  I'm in love.  Today my hair's moisture levels have been restored and there is zero sign of the dry tangled mess that I've been sporting for the better part of a week. Words can't describe my current state of happiness.

Needless to say, that I'll be flooding my basket with these conditioners on my next trip to Trader Joe's (in Supermarket Sweep fashion).  It'll work perfectly for when I'm doing my strand ceremonies.  This conditioner needs to be in the homes of everyone who has hair. Everyone!  If you've never tried this conditioner, please take heed and follow my advice. You'll be so glad to you did.


  1. I've been wanting try this conditioner as well and I live in NYC. Thanks for the review.

  2. Loool, I use this conditioner for co washing and add it to my cassia mix. Love it.

  3. Trader Joes has the best products for under ten dollars. I live in Southern California where Traders Joes prices cant be beat.

  4. I'm adding this little item to my product wishlist.

  5. I love Nourish Spa! Also try TJs Tea Tree Tingle Conditioner - similar slip, with a refreshing minty smell, and light tingle on the scalp. I know you're all about scalp stimulation, so I bet you'll love this too! Welcome to the Trader Joes fan club :)

  6. I've heard good things about the tea tree one, but I've tried the Giovanni version and was not all that impressed. There is a Trader Joe's not to far from me, so I will have to pick them up. Always good to have a condish with great slip that also is natural in it's ingredients. Let us know how the flat iron conditioner/infuser worked when you get a chance.

  7. As soon as I saw this post, I got my fiance to get me some. I can't wait to try.

  8. I think I've built up this stigma in my mind against "white hair products". All Trader Joe's brand hair care products have been in that category. But with your recommendation I will give this a shot for my weekly co-wash (especially since the price is so great). Thank you!


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