{The Lash Experiment} Longer Lashes in 30 days

If there's one thing I wish could improve on, it would be to lengthen and strengthen my lashes.  I'm so envious of you lovely ladies who were gifted with long, gorgeous false-looking eyelashes.  So, I decided to do something about it.  Any search online about growing lashes will come up with two main options.

1.]  Purchase a commercial eyelash growing product.
2.] Go the all-natural route by applying castor oil to your lashes at night.

I've decided to try both. A year ago, I picked up two tubes of Grande Lash at the make up show.  I let months pass without using it regularly.  After running into a friend who doubled her lash length using the same product, I decided to get committed and go full force.  I saw results. Good results.

But I was still wondering what other benefits I could achieve using plain ole castor oil.  Could it be a less expensive alternative? Can I use both?

"Enough contemplating", I told myself, "I'm ready to try it".  So I bought some empty mascara tubes and plain castor oil from my local pharmacy and went to work.

Seconds later, I had my new lash treatment.  The first night I used this concoction, I noticed a difference.  Did my lashes grow overnight?  Nope.  But they did look healthier, darker and more nourished in the morning.  My Grande Lash is good but since it's meant to be applied at my lash line, it doesn't really nourish my lashes.  This does.  If the castor oil can provide length and thickness, I'd be in heaven.  The only drawback I've experienced is having to be careful not to get any in my eye. Other than that, it's a pretty sweet deal. I look forward to seeing what benefits I experience from trying this method. 

Do any of you use castor oil on your lashes?


  1. I used vitamin e oil on my lashes and I saw a difference within two weeks. when I apply mascara my lashes look extra longer too. no false lashes for me. I will get back to using the vitamin e oil. it is thick just like castor oil.

  2. I use SmartLash which I get at a greatly reduced price from Dermstore.com. It is for lash line application. I also use Ardell Brow & Lash Accelerator Treatment Gel applied like a mascara on the lashes themselves. One of the ingredients is Castor Oil. I've had great success this combo.

  3. I tried using castor oil but I couldn't find the empty mascara bottles so I would apply with my finger tip. That's not the best method! I would always end up with too much on my eye. A big mess! I will use your link and order the empty containers from amazon.

  4. Ooooh I want to try the Castor oil, I'd love my lashes to be longer or just healthier x

  5. I've been using castor oil on my lashes and eye brows for almost a year and it definitely works to thicken and grow them both. I apply using a lash/ brow brush, you know, the one with the comb on one side & brush on the other that comes in a makeup set. It's perfect and allows me to apply neatly without transferring the oil to another bottle.


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