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What would you say if I told you that I'm thinking of buying a flat iron that doesn't heat up?  Would you think that I'm crazy?  Or would you call me a genius?

Many of you probably have guessed that I'm a technology buff.  I love advancements that improve the way we do things today.  Well I think I just stumbled on another gem that can change the game when it comes to flat ironing.  Maybe I should clarify a little.  These new waves of flat irons are not meant to straighten the hair, they are meant to repair and promote health.  Hence, they're referred to as conditioning irons.

These irons are used for "treatment purposes" to restore health to the hair fiber and promote elasticity.  How?  They use ultrasonic, infrared technology to change the structure and of our conditioning products. This makes the ultra nourishing ingredients (along with the water particles) easily absorbable by the hair strand (directly into the cortex) without the use of heat.  These amazing irons allegedly have the ability to seal gaps in the hair cuticle and seals it creating silky, shiny hair.

Here's the detailed info on the Jose Eber Conditioning iron directly from their site.

"This is why the revolutionary Jose Eber Therapy RX iron was created. It is the leading tool to restore the moisture in your hair using state of the art ultra sonic, antimicrobial, and far infra red technology. Used in conjunction with any hair conditioner or oil, the Therapy RX opens the cuticle, breaks down the conditioner or oil into nano particles and pushes it into your hair giving your hair an incredible moisture blast. NO HEAT no damage, no dry hair. This tool is not a flat iron and WILL NOT straighten or style hair, but is perfect for hydrating, conditioning and restoring hairs moisture. Within a few uses of the Jose Eber Therapy RX, your hair will feel healthier, look shinier, and be more manageable. Damage to your hair is constant, but now you have the tool to fight back."
I like the premise of this tool because it seems like it can be a God send for those of us who want to elevate our wash routine without having to buy expensive products.  One tool could have the ability to improve our entire routine.  A while back I wrote a post on Infrared technology. A reader reached out to me via email and said that she owned the conditioning tool and really liked it.  So I checked on Amazon and found this review on a "moisturizing iron" from Thairapy 365:

"I am an African American female who relaxes my long hair. I've always had a problem with dry, tangling and breaking hair when I wash and comb it. I started using Ovation Cell Therapy about a year ago with some modest improvements in the quality of my hair. Then I started using Mizani D'tangle about six months ago and there was a SIGNIFICANT improvement in tangles after I wash my hair. I wasn't left with clumps of hair in my comb, but I still had problems with weak, breaking hair whenever I would wash it.

I purchased this product from another website because it claimed to help better condition the hair. This tool is to be used after washing and adding a leave-in conditioner to the hair. The hair is still towel dried wet. It doesn't heat up like a regular flat iron. The hair is sectioned and the tool is passed over. It is silent. Initially, I didn't think it did anything, but my hair was straighter when I finished blow drying and it did felt better. My hair was comb-able and felt conditioned for the next few days, that rarely happened before. I usually wash my hair every three to four days, more frequently if I go to the gym.

It's been about a month since I've gotten the tool and my hair feels great! It's in the best condition since I can remember and the breakage has improved. I would recommend this product."

I can already see how this tool can fit into my regimen on those days when I don't feel like breaking out my steamer.  Or better yet, after steaming to further boost the effectiveness of my conditioner.  The possibilities are endless. In the latest issue of my Harper's Bazaar, they made mention of a conditioning iron called "The White Devil."  It's supposed to be the professional level grade of these healthy irons. Stylists using the White Devil have ability to adjust the strength of the ultrasonic waves depending on their client's needs.  "After shampooing and towel drying,  the stylist applies conditioner and runs the device over small sections of the hair three to five times. The molecules in the hair and the conditioner are excited by the ultrasound waves, allowing the conditioner to penetrate to the cortex of the hair shaft, where it is sealed inside rather than just sitting on the surface."

If that isn't enough to get you excited, I don't know what is.  I tried desperately to get my hands on the White Devil but apparently, it's only available to professionals for now.  I'm not discouraged because the MicroMist is a professional only product and I eventually attracted one into my life.  In the meantime, my curiosity has taken over so I'm putting these irons on my Amazon wish list.


  1. Wow! I love your blog! You always seem to know of exciting new tools and techniques for hair. How well do you think this might work on transitioning hair? My strands are always on the lookout for a blast of moisture.

    Also, would you mind doing an update on your MicroMist? I'm curious to see how you've liked it and whether its been worth the investment. All the best!

  2. HEllo Nadege!

    Very exciting news!!!
    You are going to make me buy one of these :)
    But I may let you buy first and let me know about the results!

    The other day I tried the Mix: Silicone Mix + Kanechon Mask and I loved the result!


  3. I still enjoy using my iron from time to time. its a bit time consuming to use so i don't use it every wash but it does keep my curl pattern nice and springy after use.

    The white devil looks exactly like the model i own. it only cost around $70 since i bought it directly from china.

  4. Hi Mel! Thanks for the update. So you do notice a difference when you use it? Did you buy when you were in China or from a Chinese retailer online?

  5. ooooo, interesting. I want to see more reviews but this sounds like something I'd be willing to invest in.

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  7. That is a nice price for hair straighteners. I do agree that straighteners can be curlers as well - so a good investment. However, I like straight hair the best :O)

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