Combing Creams are here and detangling will never be the same again.

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You probably have everything you need for your daily hair care regimen. You've got your moisturizer, your favorite oil, and maybe even a liquid leave-in that you break out every once in a while.  But is combing cream on that list?

Yes, combing cream.  You may have never heard of it, but prepare for combing cream to be your hair's new best friend.
So what the heck is combing cream anyway?

It's essentially a detangler/moisturizer/styling cream in one.  If you're like me, you probably have a few products that you use to detangle on wash day.  One of my favorites is It's a 10 Leave In.  But for everyday styling I don't have anything in my possession that easily detangles dry hair.

Styling can be really dangerous because your hair is exposed to mechanical manipulation. That's when cuticle scales lift and strands break.  I'm 99% certain that styling related breakage is the source of my length retention troubles.

Enter combing cream to save the day!  They instantly detangle and moisturize, allowing you to style your hair easily without fear of excessive breakage and knots.  Combing creams are a staple for women in Brazil.  In fact, Kanechom even has 'em.  Now several U.S. hair care companies have gotten on the band wagon and released their versions of combing cream for all of us to enjoy!

Carol's Daughter may have been the first to launch such a product.  Founder Lisa Price was filled with inspiration after a trip to Brazil and immediately worked with her team to help formulate their 4-in-1 combing creams.  Amla Legends decided to join the fun and launch their own version.  L'Anza's healing oil combing cream is another alternative for the ladies who don't have thick, curly hair.  It's a lighter weight formula the contains several different oils, keratin amino acids and ceramides.  One thing I appreciate about combing creams is most of them contain ceremides to protect our precious cuticule layer during the styling process. Combing cream isn't just for curly girls, Barrominas Brazil formulated a combing cream specifically for chemically treated hair. And it even has SPF!
Kanechom Combing Cream
Fun fact, after seeing an image of Kanechom's combing cream on Amazon, I realized that I already have one sitting in my stash (#productjunkyforever).  Because my bottle was entirely in Spanish, I never knew what it actually was.  After digging in my product closet, I found the unopened bottle and rubbed a little cream on my dry ends.  Currently, my hair is in two large twisted cornrows and my ends were dry as all get out.  No lie, this stuff instantly softened, conditioned, and tamed my ends.  No comb needed.  My hair simply obeyed like a rebellious child the moment their mom walks in and flashes that look.

The consistency of the cream was a bit like a conditioner (when it came out of the bottle) but it immediately melted when I rubbed it in my hands.  It became more of a creamy moisturizer, and once I applied it, my hair was like "thank you....thank you so very much."

 If my hair liked the avocado combing cream, it'll probably love the Karite Butter (shea butter) since that is my favorite of all the Kanechom conditioners.


  1. I like the new name. What inspired the change?

    1. Thanks Neo! I've owned that domain for years and whenever I mentioned it to someone they always seemed to resonate with it. One day I finally decided to put BelleMocha to use and here we are. I was really nervous about rebranding but it was time.

  2. Great name! I didn't catch it until ahhhsoneo mentioned it! I will be trying the brands that you mentioned except for Carols daughter. I just can't support a brand that built their company on the backs of black women only to become "indiguous". This is an interesting find and I hope it works fabulously!


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